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Hi, I'm facing issues regarding options available in Nokia 3 which are too low low for ease of work. 1. In messages, there is no enter button in keyboard.

Not User friendly

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Hi, I'm facing issues regarding options available in Nokia 3 which are too low low for ease of work.
1. In messages, there is no enter button in keyboard.
There is no add contact option in messages menu. There is option to share contact via messages but it will convert your message into MMS which is not suitable for a lot of users including me as simple text cost me nothing and contact should be added just like text.
Quick add text option is not available in messages as I have to give my email address to different people's and now each time I have to write my email address instead of adding quick text. So I'm unable to do my official work comfortably in the absence of this type of this facilities.
2. Some time my mobile data not going to respond and remain off either I turn mobile data on or off, then I have to restart my phone and then it start behaving normally. Also I'm unable to change the warning limit of 2GB data consumption as my service provider only allow me 1GB mobile data.
3. In contacts, I'm unable to change the contact details under one account and if my contact have 2 numbers and when I want to edit my contact and click on edit it show me two Gmail account of same name and ask me to change which contact and then go to edit page. Please resolve this issue in your next update.
4. When I turn on my phone screen by pressing power button I have to swipe first to see the lock screen and then I have to enter pattern to unlock the device which is annoying me. The swipe screen should be optional.
5. Battery level in percentage is not showing on top of screen with battery(57%) as available in other brands. I'm only able to check battery percentage by going in notification bar. Please give this option in next update.
6. In notification, I'm unable to choose restriction limit for messages as I like to see the name of sender on lock screen but not want to see the contents on lock screen but this feature is not available.
7. In dial pad the contact matching facility only works when we start typing number from start.i.e if I have save number of 0333 1234567 and if I try to search this number by typing 12345 then this number will not appear but if I type 0333 12 then it will show this number which is not falling under user friendly.
8. When I press call icon button on home screen it will always show frequently call numbers instead of call history and this setting can't changed because of limitation of menu options available on this device.

Now I'm unable to write more problems I'm facing. Please work on above mentioned issues and I'll let you know the rest. Thanks


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    Enter button in messages is now available. Please work on remaining problems. Thanks
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    The Play Store is FULL of DIALERS.apk and MESSAGES apk who can run according your Exigence.Just download and install and USE !

    All the best !

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