problem with bluetooth in mercedes w204 2011

hi during last year i tried to use Nokia 8+Android 8.1.0 in my mercedes w204 2011.

problem with bluetooth in mercedes w204 2011

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during last year i tried to use Nokia 8+Android 8.1.0 in my mercedes w204 2011.

when i connect Nokia 8 through Bluetooth i get awful income/outcome call quality due to noise, distortion, etc.

i change cell operators, sim cards, slots, settings, etc... - nothing!

today i made an experiment - in the car i change my phone from Nokia 8 to my last love - Iphone 6.

and i got a big surprise - Iphone 6+mercedes w204 2011+bluetooth works perfectly! - i got very clear  income/outcome call quality. i tried the same with iphone 6s/7/8 plus - and everything fine!

so whats wrong with Nokia's 8 bluetooth in my mercedes w204 2011?



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    The right question would be "what's wrong with Mercedes?" Did you check, if Nokia 8 is on the compatibility list for your car?
  • mercedes doesn't know anything about hdm at all ))

    whether he should?

    or you suggest me to buy such expensive toy as car by bluetooth compatibility with hdm production? lol ))

    or bluetooth is a "space" hitech technology?

    may be hdm has to produce more... hm... qualifying "top-tier flagship"? ;) 

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    The link in the reply from AlexKay takes you to a comprehensive support website for the car, with FAQ's, troubleshooting steps - and software updates for the car radio / infotainment system, depending on the car model and year.
    There may be further updates for the car electronics, available at official Mercedes retailer's workshops, that can only be applied via their diagnostics system.

  • first of all i've visited my mb dealer and check audio20 software. so my mercedes has latest 2016 firmware with bluetooth v4.0 full support. nokia 8 supports bluetooth 5 ( it means (may be i am wrong) that nokia has to support all bluetooth protocol till v.5. my mercedes has bluetooth v.4.0 full support. nevertheless nokia 8 as hdm top-tier flagship has awful phone call quality. while old fashioned iphone 6 with bluetooth v.4.0 only has perfect phone call quality... 

  • according to the link from AlexKay mercedes also doesnt know anything about apple's iphone 7/8/X

    but all of this devices works perfectly with my mercedes.


    may be the answer is that apple has qualified r&d dep.? 

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    My 2015 C-Class Audio20 works fine with my Nokia 8 including call and music (A2DP) quality. Never had a problem since Android 8.0 up to 8.1 with current security patch level.
    If you take a look a Mercedes Bluetooth compatibility website you will discover differences among several Android phones not supporting special details while others do. Difficult to explain that only with Bluetooth 4.x and 5. Also difficult to judge that Nokia 8 is the root cause of the problem if W204 has bad call quality while W205 has not.
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    Mercedes supports Nokia Android phones (and a long list of legacy Nokia phones) for their W204 C-Class cars so it should work.

    In the car, one item that may be worth checking is the volume settings as per the instructions in the mb user manual:

    On the phone, WiFi scanning can cause Bluetooth audio dropouts.
    Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi preferences = Toggle off Notifications about open networks (or switch off Wi-Fi completely during troubleshooting).

    Since the issue has persisted for a long time, I suggest remove the phone from the list of known phones in the car, remove the car from list of known Bluetooth devices on the phone. Wait some hours or a day, do a restart or a soft reset of the phone, and set up from scratch.

    And please confirm that both the phone and the car radio is fully updated? - Not just what the dealer says, but from the version information in the car and on the mb support website.


  • thanks for thoughts Hans... )

    so i have done following things:

    - i checked any conceivable combination of nokia8&mercedes c200 bluetooth pairing:

    - upgraded my audio20 by the latest firmware

    - received latest android security patch

    - turn on/off wifi

    - authirize/deuthorize my nokia8

    - always turn 2g. any other "g" leads to significant drops of the phone's signal strengths

    - ...

    all in vain!

    at the same time any of my families iphone 6/7/8 works perfectly in this car (ios10-12.1) without any additional efforts - just switch car's ignition and that's all. 

    also i see the

    so i think that problem exists on the google's android side (cause) and nokia8 (effect).

    why i think so? because the same problem i had with htc10, xiaomi mi8...



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