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How do I move apps to SD card on Nokia 7.1 phone

SD Card

BenB BenB
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How do I move apps to SD card on Nokia 7.1 phone


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    Hi BenB,

    I had the same problem but couldn't find a solution for that. At my old Nokia 5 I was able to format the sd-card as internal memory so that I could exceed the whole capacity and also was able to move different apps to the sd-card.

    Now, with the new 7.1 I can just format a sd-card as a movable memory. The system is not allowing me to move a app to sd-card. I only can move my music, pictures an documents to the sd-card.

    If someone has a tipp how I can format my sd-card as an internal memory - all hints are welcome :-)


  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    It isn't possible to use an SD Card as internal storage.

  • munnasharma munnasharma
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    Now formatting sd as internal storage capability has been removed. U cant format sd card as internal storage. Details here....


    I have had a reply to my question to Nokia customer service:

    Greetings from Nokia Mobile Care ! We are sorry for the inconvenience that you are facing!


    Please kindly keep in mind that the Nokia 6.1 device, as well as all other Android 1 devices, do not have the option for Internal storage formatting of an SD card. Additionally, there is no option for forced formatting of an SD card as such.


    We hope this information managed to answer your inquiry. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again!


    Still waiting for an explanation as why the User Manual says that Apps can be moved to the SD card.

  • Hi, was an unexpected shock to me as I've just purchased a 7.1 l(with 32 GB internal storage) loaded with a SanDisk 128GB microSDXC card.

    There was no option to configure for shared internal storage, only "portable".

    I'm now wondering whether I should return it, although it wouldean having to continue struggling with my old Win 10 Lumia 950!

    If anyone has a work around I would be interested to learn... I've 14 days to return to the seller
  • Internet addict Internet addict
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    Im confused.

    I have a Nokia 7.1 and its my first android phone. I want to know if its possible to download my Deezer/Spotify and Netflix music/movies on a sd card. I need to know this before i drop 150€ for a sd card and it turns out to be useless.

    Can anybody check this for me ?
  • BenB BenB
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    I have got Nokia 7.1 phone and yes you can download music, movies and TV shows on SD card from Netflix, Deezer and Spotify and other apps
  • BenB BenB
    To C Mistry
    I have got Nokia 7.1 phone
    you can have apps and games on there, photos, videos and music on SD Card
    I'm waiting for Android 9 pie update to see if it can use SD Card as internal storage on device
  • C Mistry C Mistry
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    Hi again, I tried with Deezer and found that indeed the data e.g. downloaded playlist for offline playback is stored in the SD card by default.

    So I'm growing in confidence that the phone should work out ok. It appears to me that the apps must stay in internal memory, their respective data is stored by default to SD storage (if there is one installed).

    Is my understanding correct? Would be great if Nokia can confirm.

    This is my first Android phone and unfamiliar of the workings. Anyway thanks for your hints, appreciated. And yes, Ben perhaps Android "pie" will remove this restriction...
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