unable to answer calls by swiping?

Cant a call be answered by simply pressing the red call button instead of swiping. I can never answer a call I always have to call back.

unable to answer calls by swiping?

Wayne Wayne
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Cant a call be answered by simply pressing the red call button instead of swiping.

I can never answer a call I always have to call back.


  • user389 user389
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    You should be able to answer a call by swiping up - not sideways as it says in some older versions of the user manual - and reject the call by swiping down?


  • Same problem here, screen seems to be locked, and cannot answer incoming call by swipe upwards, have always to call back. Please help
  • aHayley aHayley
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    I'm having problems too. When someone calls, my phone rings but there is nothing on my screen to swipe! So I have to wait and call them back. Any ideas?

  • keith blake keith blake
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    I have the same problem. Call can't be answered by a swipe. I have to call back. Please help.

  • I have same issue on Nokia 4.2 running Android 10 - there is no "receive" button showing when I am getting an incomming call and swiping does not work. I have to call back everytime and it costs me a lot of money...

  • Thrag Thrag
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    So frustrating. I get a green "receive" button, but no amount of swiping, with or without pausing on the button, connects me. I had the same problem with my previous phone - a Microsoft Windows phone, also built by Nokia. Why can't Nokia make this basic function work properly ??

  • nilserik nilserik
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    I have Nokia 7 plus with same problem. When I swipe, nothing happens. especially when it is humid or rains.

    Sometimes I can answer by swiping very careful, but often nothing happens.

    When I am in a program, I get a red and a green button when I have an incoming phone call. When I press the green button, both the green and red button goes away and the phone keeps on ringing. I can do nothing about it.

    My next phone will be an 'old model' with hard buttons I can press. No more smart phone or Android for me!

  • Barneygoogle Barneygoogle
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    Same for me. I have a Nokia 3.1. It has been back to John Lewis twice. Both times they sent it for repair and deleted everything, but it was no better on return. My issue is intermittent. Sometimes I can answer a call, by clicking the "accept" button. But, often, the button appears but is unresponsive. I have tried swiping up, but that simply displays all of my apps. I have tried loading various apps that purport to answer calls, but none have worked for me.

  • Can't answer calls by swiping , so frustrating, why can't Nokia make a proper phone ?

  • I cannot answer call by swipping.Sometimes I cannot answer a call, by clicking the "accept" button..we loved nokia phones when we were kids.i bought this phone 3.4 because of that good name.but these phones are rubbish..why can't you people make that phone at least to answer the call.phome some times switch off auto magically.restart auto magically.some times need to reset phone automatically.what is this.is this nokia.if you people can't make a good phone stop making.do not put us in troubles.we use these phones for our day today important matters.even need to communicate in our jobs.do not waste people's money..does anyone who is responsible see above masages people have send to you about the same issue which I have faced.didi you made any thing to correct them? If not stop making these bulshit phones and do not eat the nokia good brand name. I will never buy nokia phones because of the experience got from this 3.4 .even not passed one month after buying.cannot answer calls and cut auto magically after swipping upward.so the person who called think that I cut the call..I say again correct this error or don't make this bulshit phones.

  • Pac1 Pac1

    Everyone has the same problem here but Nokia couldn't care less obviously - Why don't they fix it or at least answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Chinese ****!

  • Chandran. C Chandran. C
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    Hi, I was also having this similar issue. Both swipe up and accept was not working. Nokia customer care advised me to do the below steps and no more such issues now.

    Step 1: Go to settings >> apps and notifications >> all apps >> select Phone application >> storage >> clear cache >> force stop >> done. 

    Step 2: Go to settings >> apps and notifications >> app info >> three vertical dots >> show system>> System UI >> Force stop >> Storage >> clear cache. 

    Step 3: Go to settings >> apps and notifications >> app info >> three vertical dots >> show system >> Android System >> Force stop. 

    Step 4: Go to the settings>>system>>reset>>click on reset app preferences >> reset apps. 

    Step 5: Please try to force restart device by pressing volume up key and power key button for 20 sec then device will vibrate 3 time and device automatically restart.

    Hope this will useful for you guys.. cheers!

  • ian dewar ian dewar
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    Tilt the phone.

    It's the proximity sensor in the phone.

    The screen's black when the phone is horizontal.

    Tilt the phone towards you & it wakes the screen up.

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