Issues after pie update

I'm experiencing so many issues with my Nokia 6.1 Plus after pie update. First I lost my front camera options then battery draining and device lagging issues.

Issues after pie update

user1538248923987 user1538248923987
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I'm experiencing so many issues with my Nokia 6.1 Plus after pie update. First I lost my front camera options then battery draining and device lagging issues. Chat support is so pathetic.. Agents don't even reply to queries.
My device is under warranty and not satisfied with this new software and hardware malfunction.


  • sampath kumar sampath kumar
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    Yes I have same problems
  • Ray Mond Ray Mond

    Try to fix with an factory reset. Don't forget to back up personal files. 

  • user1539047843058 user1539047843058
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    Feeling little heating issues and battery drain issues more optimisation
  • sampath kumar sampath kumar
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    @Dray I did that still nothing changed. Hopefully it should be taken care in the next release.
  • Lockscreen Ui Lag
    Fingerprint Unlocking Lag
  • Sama0507 Sama0507
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    After updating android 9.0 pie getting issues about online music players. Like Jio music , gana .com . Song automatically stop , interepted in middle without touch . Music player not shown at background & after screen lock .
  • Binit Kumar Biswal Binit Kumar Biswal
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    I have issue with WhatsApp video call. Video is lagging.
  • AZ jella AZ jella
    I have updated pie in my Nokia 6.1+ but it's major bugs are there it's going automatically in vibration mode
  • Md Ansar Md Ansar
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    Screen cast not working after pie update
  • user1541348072042 user1541348072042
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    Issue after update, Battery drains quickly and cast screen does not work.

  • I bought nokia 6.1 plus 3 days ago. But during whatsapp video call, the camera is not working properly.
    Its android version 9.
    Can somebody help me please.
  • i am using Nokia 6.1 and since i upgraded it iam facing alot of issues and yesterday it just went completely black screen.i am getting the calls and messages as it vibrates whenever someone calls or texts me but its just showing black screen.

    service centre is so pathetic that they said my phone's warranty void coz the camera glass is broken a bit.

    even though its their update which messed up my phone but still they just being an *ss*ole.

  • После обновы, мой телефон перестал видеть сим карту, появились проблемы с батареей, телефон ужасно глючит, экран во время использования может сам погаснуть. Пробовал откатить до заводских настроек, но это не решило проблемы
  • After pie update I'm having problems with the notification control of online music apps like SoundCloud and Amazon music.
    Also serious battery drainage issues
  • Guys... I'm facing the following issue. And if anybody can help me with it, that would be great!

    Okay, so when I turn on my WiFi connection, my phone gets connected to the WiFi but shows that there is not internet access. When I restart my phone it works fine. But when I go out of range and try to connect to it again the same things happens again, and I have to restart my phone everytime!

    Please fix this! And if anybody can help please please do so! Thanks
  • After pie update battery is draining so quickly..
  • Nokia will fob you off with the usual dumbass answer, "we cannot roll back to android oreo 8.1" and basically called my case closed. The answer to the problems caused by 9 pie is actually very simple. Go to a decent apk download site and look for a new launcher, Nova 6.5 is very good and I'm using it now having tried most. It will get rid of all the crap from the desktop and is very easy to customise to your own tastes. Play about like I did till you find one you like. As for Nokia support, I don't like being fobbed off or let down by a supposedly top company.

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