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i also facing problems some of my apps are not working.. 

Issues after pie update


  • i also facing problems some of my apps are not working.. 

  • Akashay Akashay
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    Pls fix the below issues asap else i will sell my nokia 6.1 plus within a month 
    Touch issue after pie update
    Apps crashing
    Contact can't search something even i was trying to type but not respond
    Yellowish pictures frim back camera
    Edge detection is wrost in pie update in bokeh effect 
    So much laggy UI compare to oreo 

  • user1513830017742 user1513830017742
     /  edited March 2019
    After the pie update in my  Nokia 6  I have faced  issue of UI lagging and apps also lag in between using them please solve this issue. Before the update my Nokia 6 was working like new and fast now it's lagging
  • Hugues Lombard Hugues Lombard
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    After the pie update in my  Nokia 8 (TA-1012)  the compass is not working anymore. Most of times, it gives the south for north (180° rotation !). I can see the effect on any driving app (Gmap, Here…) : it indicates the reverse direction ! Uh ! it's a general problem for it's a SOFT problem. You can find more information on Reddit in Nokia or Nokia 8 sub-reddit.
  • Hi Nokia Team,
    After Feb updates onwards, good drive backup not working after setting finger print and any security pattern lock but good drive backup working without any security lock. it is big issue on nokia 6.1 plus
  • After pie update sometimes touch was unresponsive in my Nokia 5.1 plus  
  • Enemtee Enemtee
    Upgraded Nokia 5 system when prompted yesterday now my camera will not work. Any ideas ?
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