Where's oreo on my UK TA-1012?

Hi, Does anyone know when UK Users with sim free TA-1012 will be receiving the oreo update? Seems to be rolling out to everyone except me.

Where's oreo on my UK TA-1012?

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Does anyone know when UK Users with sim free TA-1012 will be receiving the oreo update?

Seems to be rolling out to everyone except me.


  • Paradoxa Paradoxa
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    Alot of TA-1012 users (as well as owners of several other models) are reporting issues with receiving the Oreo update. Specifically that it won't show up at all so they can't download it. 

    So far a few solutions have been tossed around on the forums here, some provided by CS and some found by the community. You want me to list em so you can give them a try?

  • mcdona922 mcdona922
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    I wouldn't mind giving them a go, assuming it's not a case of wiping my phone.
  • Yeah @Paradoxa list em i'll have a look

  • Here's the solutions I've read about, (and the one unhelpfully provided to me by CS.)

    I just want to preface thus I  personallycan't guarantee any of these will work.. Some other users I think have reported some of these working (though I also recall some may be using different device models,) and some have said they haven't. Its all very random and inconsistent. So yeah, bear that in mind.

    Now, the possible solutions.

    • Temporarily removing the Sim Card: (May or may not want to follow this up with a quick reboot. Try that maybe if just removing it doesn't work.)
    • Swapping the Sim Card to one from a different network: Same as above. Maybe reboot your phone if this doesn't initially work.
    • Rebooting the phone: Ah the classic turn it off and on again.
    • Clearing data and the cache from the Google Play Services App on your phone: I can give you instructions to this if you need them. I tried this personally though on my own TA-1012 on recommendation from CS, and it didn't work, so I wouldn't put much hope in it if I were you. But hey, everything's worth a shot if you ask me.)

    • Factory Resetting: Sorry, I know this isn't one you wanted to hear. Consider this a last resort. I know I do. Fun Fact: CS has actually told people to try this. Yes, HMD's own Customer Support just says to Factory Reset your phone.

    That's all I've got right now. I'll let you know if I find any others. 

    Good luck, and I hope one of them works for you.

  • Paradoxa Paradoxa
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    Re-posting, as again one of my posts finds itself lost in the Void...

    Sidenote: HMD/Nokia. Ditch this awful approval system for comments please! Its complete rubbish and wastes everyone's time.

    OK, I want to preface this by saying I offer no guarantees any of the solutions Im about to list will work. I've picked these up from both within these forums, outside these forums, and one in direct conversation I had with Customer Support (CS) and people using different models with different numbers to them have reported varying levels of success.

    Ok, disclaimer out the way, here's the solutions I have.

    1. Removing the Sim Card: You may want to follow this up with a reboot if this doesn't initially work.

    2. Swapping the SC to one from a different network/carrier: Again, maybe try rebooting after this.

    3. Rebooting the Phone: Ah the classic turn it off and on again.

    4. Clearing Google Play Services Data & Cache: I can provide instructions for this if you need them.

    5. Factory Reset: Sorry, I know this is one you didn't want to hear, but its a solution some I thiink have said works, so its still worth a mention. Call it a last resort though, I know I will.
    • Fun Fact: This is a solution CS themselves have supposedly provided to users. <Sarcasm> Doesn't that just fill you with confidence? </Sarcasm>

    Right, that's all the solutions I've got right now. I'll update this thread if I find anymore.

    In the meantime, give em a shot. Good luck and I hope one of them works for you. Please post if anyone of them does work for your TA-1012 as Im still in the midst of finding a fix for the same issue as well.

  • Tried them all except factory reset with no luck :( looks like i'm just gonna have to wait till there's a official fix

  • Lets hope HMD and Nokia get one out soon. This is far from an isolated problem and they need to address it ASAP if they want to stand a chance of rebuilding the brand and keeping the faith of their customers.

  • gemini75 gemini75
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    Same here problem here. Only got the November update the other day and was wondering if that was why it would take longer for Oreo. Looks like we will have to wait. Not the end of the world.
  • Maybe not RY4N75, but you have to admin, it doesn't look good for HMD when they make bold promises for fast updates and then fail to deliver for what looks like a significant number of their users. A pretty bad move  (at least in my book) for a company trying to rebuild an old brand that's already made several mistakes (some quite big,) here in the smartphone business.

    Mind if I ask, what model number is your phone, what region are you in and is it carrier locked?

  • gemini75 gemini75
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    @Paradoxa mine is the TA-1012 and I'm the UK. I have to admit they promised fast updates but have already fallen behind many.
  • Maybe not RY4N75, but you have to admin, it doesn't look good for HMD when they make bold promises for fast updates and then fail to deliver for what looks like a significant number of their users. 

    A pretty bad move (at least in my book) for a company trying to rebuild an old brand that's already made several mistakes (some quite big,) here in the smartphone business.

    Also, how did you get the November update? I can't even get those for some reason.

  • Same problem here:

    TA-1012, Australia, sim-free.

    A bit more than a week ago the phone updated to the November security patch.  Android version sits at 7.1.1, the Oreo 8.0 update is not showing up.  Actively trying to update reports "Your system is up to date.

  • gemini75 gemini75
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    @Paradoxa yes they do need to keep up with there promise but sometimes I guess things happen. It was strange as I was trying with checking for updates on and off then contacted Nokia on chat. The person I spoke to didn't have a clue why I hadn't had the November patch and he suggested my device was faulty haha. Got them to check my imei all good. Finished chat then funnily enough the next day the latest patch came through
  • gemini75 gemini75
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    @Paradoxa coming from a oneplus device it was great being able to download the latest OS and install it local on your device instead of waiting for the roll out to be completed. Oneplus are getting bigger and stronger. They have a community app and a big beta testing community. Downloading the latest OS then installing via local from your device is the way to go instead of waiting
  • See this: https://twitter.com/demi_mod/status/935491199305175041

    Scroll down to see Nokia Mobile's official Twitter account essentially confirming there's an issue ( https://twitter.com/nokiamobile/status/935496320944623616 ).  From that, I understand it was definitely not the intention to have delays longer than the announced 2 days for the Oreo roll-out.  There's clearly a non-intentional issue going on; but sadly no further official communication from Nokia Mobile at this stage.  I suppose they're hoping to silently fix this before it really blows up publicly.  Whatever the issue, it definitely doesn't look too good, since fast/smooth updates were essentially one of the main selling points.

  • I don’t see any confirmation of an issue there...where should I be looking?

    All I can see is a Twitter CS person saying ‘we’re looking into it’, which doesn’t strike me as confirmation of an issue - more like ‘customer service speak’ for ‘we acknowledge your tweet and will definitely probably perhaps maybe read the links you’ve posted’
  • Tim_M Tim_M

    Likewise, can't see acknowledged issue. Likely it's just we're way down on the list.

    Remember that firmware releases are fragmented by markets, regions, models and operators, and approvals and certifications have to be acquired before pushing out.

    Seen this from the inside in Nokia of old, and firmware releases could be glacial in pace, especially where operators are involved.

    The optimum though was to have a generic SIM free model (not just unlocked) which would get pushed out earlier, but Finland and other bits of the EU would get priority compared to UK at times.

    Do have a generic SIM free UK model though. Did notice on putting an EE SIM in, I got some EE apps automatically that I didn't ask for. I wonder if it's considering it EE branded now, hence the delay.

  • mark coley mark coley
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    I'm on plusnet (which sits on EE). I get the EE apps installed automatically, but they don't work, obviously.

    Phone is also locked to just 3G/4G, can't pick just 2G.

  • I'm on a SIM free unlocked TA-1004 and still no update here. Most manufacturers do staggered roll outs as not to overwhelm their servers so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  • gemini75 gemini75
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    Anyone else with TA-1012 get Oreo yet. Nokia on Facebook said this to me "Hi we have just announced the Android 8.0 Oreo update for Nokia 8. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for all future announcements. Thanks."
  • Tim_M Tim_M

    From their responses on Facebook: "the Oreo update rollout is a phased process, so please be patient and keep an eye out for the notification. Thanks."


    For anyone in the UK wanting to get the update, having tried multiple times this evening I've just used the Nord VPN app in the Play Store to connect to a Finnish VPN. The update page initially said I was using the latest update again but then suddenly the Oreo update appeared. I've disconnected from the VPN having started the download and it all seems to be going well.

    I tried this last week and it didn't work. The only difference today is that my EE SIM is not in the device - it has no SIM in it.
  • For those floating theories about the roll-out being alphabetically by country: I'm in Australia.  Nothing so far.  TA-1012, sim-free, as mentioned above.

  • See this tweet now. ...and especially the avalanche of replies.  It's not that people can't wait; it's that Juho Sarvikas was (and is still) happily keeping up his "we did it in 2 days" face.  If they would've just announced that the plan was a phased roll-out over several weeks, no one would've been complaining like this.  Like other mentioned above: people were left to feel there was actually something wrong with their devices.  From a marketing point of view, that's quite a farce indeed... not the most strategic timing either, when they are trying to re-build the brand.  I really fail to understand why they don't simply stick out their neck and admit they made a mistake by communicating that the roll-out would be done and dusted in 2 days.  That's all it really takes to regain confidence.  It's not about the actual roll-out delay, it's simply about proper communication.

  • @user1510668347163

    Holy crap! Thank you so freaking much! I just tried this trick myself connecting to NordVPN's systems as well (using Finland Server #1 if anyone else wants to try this) and it worked like a charm. The update literally just appeared as I writing this comment (originally to ask which server you used lol) and Im downloading it right now.

    You are a freaking genius! Again, thank you so much! Its so nice to be able to move on with things and get Oreo at last, Anyone else who's waiting, try this VPN technique. It works! 

    (Just make sure to cancel any subscription you take out when getting a free trial, so you don't lose any money in the process.)

    Finally! Android Oreo at last!

  • I have a SIM free unlocked TA-1004 and just received the Oreo update. It's coming guys just be patient
  • sotosev sotosev
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    Just start download , very happy. Greece, Ta 1004
  • hrech hrech
    Germany TA-1012, got Oreo this morning :)
  • revanmj revanmj
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    Still nothing on my TA-1004 in Poland :/
  • gemini75 gemini75
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    Downloading Oreo at this moment. Unable to add screenshot from mobile
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