Nokia Project Chameleon

PROLOGUE..... We all have crossed over hundreds of days since the dawn of smartphones.

Nokia Project Chameleon

We all have crossed over hundreds of days since the dawn of smartphones. Every new phone comes as an evolution to its predecessors and rivals.As the time pass by we are gifted with yet another piece of technology heralding the legacy of its great ancestory .
However there is a tepid gesture signalling the markets and utility of present technology are exiting and expiring way too briskely. Are we really evolving if yes why the evolution is so ethereal?

Let's face it , our technology is short lived.How much of SMARTPHONE is really smart? Lets not use the technology as an accessory to a phone let's place it in the core that drives and operates smartness ,accustom itself to peculiar character of individualism , learn by itself through silently growing it's A.I database with induced automation.

I thought of any smartphone. What is it in the first place? A piece of hardware - metal ,plastic ,lenses and wires ,anything else? Does it sound smart? Ok add to it the' THE BOT in green' genes ,throw in some programmes which are famously nicked as apps . And wrap the WHATEVER in ivory box! You have got yourself a ! How much smartness are we deriving from such a thing ? Yeah you might contest by debating few points like VR ,AR, biometric etc etc But aren't they few embellishments to the phones? How much of the same we use to make ourself and our phones recognizable?
Not much ! I feel that we haven't had opportunities to harness the potential of intelligence we are using inside our phones. I still refrain from adding the prefix smart. I assert to the fact that we have critically augmented the capabilities of these gadgets however my concern is not the capabilities but the Character of these gadgets and how they behave given a situation .

1 A smartphone is elementary and should be elementary in design.
2. A smartphone's camera should not be visible but must be visceral. Our eyes aren't always open why the lenses needs to be. ? Let's induce AI in its eyes so it can act according to our line of sight. Engages camera only when we gesticulate. Nothing can beat the clarity of human eyes.
3. Say no to pure Android ! Android is not intelligent. Why every smartphone be same when it operated by different hands. Let's embolden the changes. One must be able to setup the device in his or her own way. Similarly the applications must also be synchronised as per the characteristic needs of user.
Here is a setup
User Mr. Roberts
Application mostly used# Facebook, whatsapp, Twitter.
Active setup on chameleon (no 3rd party application download, no manual setup)
Glance screen notification FB ( on screen access without opening the app itself)

Intelligence of skills
Feed in the nature of job a user does. The artificial intelligence shall provide a relevant sum of information ,advances priority list of similar users in the contact lists (if found). Keep the track of deeds done against engineering those tasks. Navigate the users to proficiently complete the task with added inputs acquired through Al (Augmented Learning) without ANY INTRUSION.

ACTIVE sharing! chameleon shall determine and analyse the social networking habits of individuals. The OS must be customised such it alienates the need of INCREASED USER INVOLVEMENT to promote resource sharing via social or cloud.

Intelligent adaptation ! Chameleon shall allow the application to run in the best possible way as per the user needs. Users are not (by default) hence the phone should strive to provide a characteristic discreet experience of every application he/she runs.

CHAMELEON RUN appearance
Facebook is blue and white why can't the whole skin of phone be blue and white
And everyone is happy their phone is finally their own!
Just a basic BRICK form factor with no logos no camera shutter no any orifice. And the smartphone shrouded with SMART GLASS . We are giving you technology which is sleeping now. Press the power and it will wake
Illuminating logo of NOKIA at the back comes out in FADE IN STYLE and the intelligent LED on same only signaling battery's health.
You look at the front now and the front cam shutter silently opens (you won't even notice) recognise your face and registers your iris (still a silly old technology )

Chameleon Augmented Learning

(Coming soon)


  • madbilly madbilly
    Super User  / 

    What you're suggesting sounds like a combination of the old Nokia Situations app for Symbian (now just Pastilli labs Situations app for Android) and the Nokia Moonraker 3D touch/gesture project. I'm all in favour of this, but too much "AI" risks creating a filter-bubble for the user, something we should definitely avoid.

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
    Super User  / 

    What was this. It never came? Or did OnePlus see this and asked them to make that invisible camera thingy for them which they launched recently. Are other things coming soon from OnePlus too. 😜

    I came too deep into the forum that I am now in 2017. 😂

  • madbilly madbilly
    Super User  / 

    Hi @Kartik Gada, I see that someone is trying to tidy up the ideas subforum?😉

    I re-read the suggestion again and I'm not entirely sure I understand what it is. Some sort of phone with a holographic coating that can adapt to the colours on the screen at any particular time? A colour e-ink coating?! Actually that last possibility is pretty nifty!

    Cheers 🙂

  • Kartik Gada Kartik Gada
    Super User  /  edited April 2020

    Honestly, i didn't read it in full detail. Yes, cleaned up this section. 😅

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