Problems and issues I have with Nokia 8

Primary Problems and must be resolved -

Problems and issues I have with Nokia 8

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Primary Problems and must be resolved -

1- Call log history is just of 500 calls, provide an option to increase or decrease it but do not limit it. Business and marketing people really need a bigger call history it. We prefer legit software for it.

2- The Contact list is annoying. The same contact is shown multiple times across the contacts because it is registered with my 2 google id's and the third copy was made by whatsapp. Therefore I get 3 suggestions for a single. Contact. By this way I am getting more than 12000 suggestions for my contacts of about 4100 contacts ( yes I have them because I am in marketing). Please resolve THIS issue.

3-. In Text messaging application there is problem with FORWARDING feature. When I select a message for forwarding, the recipient list shown is of only those persons from whom I have received text message before. I cannot forward that message to a new person. For this I have to copy the message And then paste it in new message window.

I love NOKIA 8 phone for everything in hardware. Software needs some tweaking.

Below are secondary concern's

3- When I switch users in clash of clans a part of old window (text window) remains on the new window where I have to write CONFIRM as per the game instructions.

4- And why do not you provide call recording app ( u can warn a person and a disclaimer before activating it about its illegality in some countries as most companies do) but why everyone is restricted to this feature. None of the external call recorder app works seamlessly. Drain the battery.
Chinese phone makers are using this extremely popular feature as there plus point.


  • Steel Steel
    Totally agree!!! especially the contact list. Btw, when u r typing ur message, and u want to change the receiver, u need to do it all over again.
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    Contact list is Google's app so complain to them.
  • Yes, I too face the same problem- I thought updating to Oreo might solve the problem but it hasn't ! So even if I customise view and  list say only the" exchange/outlook" contacts, in the master phone list I see of course only one entry per contact. But if I search for a name, then it shows one for exchange, one for Duo, one for whatsApp and one for PayTM !!! There is no button where I can manually "link" them . The strange part is that after a while, "some" contacts get linked into a single one, while most do not !

    And no, I don't think it is google issue only- the same google contact app works flawlessly in my other Non-Nokia phone- there seems to be some issues ( maybe intermittent) between Nokia 8 and the google contacts app

  • This is not a google contacts problem. I had Motorola which is also uses almost stock android. But there was an option to display contacts by account (single or multiple selection) or by phone contacts.

    I also don't like the 500 call log limit too.
  • Tim_M Tim_M

    I doubt the other phones were totally stock Android. Likely they have made modifications to enhance it.

    A quick Google reveals that the stock limit to the call history is 500. Talk to Google about this.

    Contacts merging again is something I can't see in stock Android 7. Samsung, LG and others have added this themselves. It appears there may be some auto merging going on in some cases. This might be on the phone, or it might be on Google's servers, not sure (I use Outlook account for contacts anyway so I don't see this happen). Again, talk to Google about this.

    You can however go to Google Contacts on the desktop/browser and merge there (similarly with Outlook contacts if you use Outlook account for your contacts).

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    U didn't understand what I said. Every manufacturer applies to stock android and I am talking about those.
    And if I have bought NOKIA then I will ask them not the google for what I prefer in a phone as a user.
    And neither is nokia going to update software specially for me, these are the problems which I have highlighted and I would like if NOKIA if removes these to enhance the user experience for everybody. As of call log, internet is full of people asking for higher call log limit. 500 is very small.
  • Sire, I said ALMOST stock.
  • guru guru

    Nokia has said this is stock android with no embellishments except for Camera. That said,


    1. Call log limits are from Android, not Nokia


    2. Contact list is crazy, but again it's Android's implementation and Oreo hasn't changed anything in that department. But you do have some options here to filter. Open Contacts -> Click on three dots on right hand top -> Customize view -> Customize and then select what contacts you want to see.


    It's not ideal but helps. Again, it's Android.


    3. Default messaging sucks. Use SMS Organizer from Microsoft. Awesome app and it solves most problems.


    4. Yes, I second you there. Need native call recording. It's availabe in Lumia phones. Hardware supports it. Still not sure why Android doesn't provide it.

  • alexkay alexkay
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    Indeed, Googles Contacts app seems to have a bug displaying/selecting other accounts like WhatsApp, Allo, Duo etc. Referring to Gurus post above topic no. 2, a few releases ago you were able to select other accounts, but today it shows only Google account.

    Furthermore there seems to be an Android Oreo problem with connecting similar contacts. Usually same contact names for Google, WhatsApp etc accounts are combined into a single name automatically.

    I helped myself by installing another Contacts app (ZenUI Dialer & Contacts) and combining those Allo, Duo and WhatsApp names into one single name.
    After that I removed ZenUI again.

    Not a solution, but a workaround.
    IMHO a solution must be provided by Google.
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    I cannot for the life of me find where to forward incoming calls on my 8 (Oreo 8.1). Pretty standard feature I should have thought.
    Microsoft's SMS Organizer is "not available in your country". Is the US SMS system different from the European one?
  • alexkay alexkay
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    To change call forwarding go to your phone app and have a look at the settings.
  • if you wan't to add same name but different contacts phone app auto merge after five seconds.

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