Security. Update patch 2018-10 installation problem

I cant update security patch .pls give solutions

Security. Update patch 2018-10 installation problem

maha lakshmi maha lakshmi
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I cant update security patch .pls give solutions


  • MadhanGopal MadhanGopal
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    said a few seconds ago
    I too have same problem of security update 2018-10 . Just had a chat with Nokia customer support on this. They suggested me to go to service centre with device. Nokia/HMD shall do something to identify and resolve this and issue fresh update patch. Waiting!
  • Teddy Teddy
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    Madhan gopal .plz tell us about ur experience in the care.. many people are facing the confirm wether your problem was resolved after taking yiur device to the Nokia care so that we can take the necessary steps.. thank you
  • I am facing the same problem with Google security update installation, Can anyone tell me whether this is going to cause some security threat or I can ignore it till nokia comes up with a solution?

  • whodunit whodunit
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    Dear all,

    Many thanks for your patience with us regarding this!

    We are now looking into this and will come back to you at the earliest regarding this.

    Thank you for your continued support.



  • Same problem

  • Security patch updated problem
  • MadhanGopal MadhanGopal
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    user1529426540717 , presently I am not going to visit Nokia care centre . Will wait for Nokia team to resolve this issue. Hope nokia/HMD may resolve soon
  • Hi MadhanGopal, You are right why should we take some effort to go to the service center and waste our time. Let Nokia resolve the issue. This is a pain. we invest some money and buy a phone and within the first week we get an issue and Nokia should come and solve the issue. All I would say is why can't Nokia take back all the products and give us better ones.

  • I have same problem yesterday i went Nokia care . Technicians are told this is some updation problem so they take my phone and update it but after this i check my phone security settings it shiws security patch dt auguest 2018 after check updation no updayion available
  • Same problem for all of us buddy. The only thing is we wasted the money buying this phone. What to do.

  • MadhanGopal MadhanGopal
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    My phone received security patch 2018-10 and got updated successfully . Thanks Nokia/HMD for resolving issues. Hope will get Android 9 pie soon for Nokia 3.1 plus
  • Aneel, 
    Unable to update security system . Installation problem. Can HMD suggest a solution immediately. Aneel. 
  • Srivatsa SP Srivatsa SP
    Even after the visit to the service center and having them install fresh OS didn't resolve this issue.... Its running on android one program and yet still running on oreo!!!!
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