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My Back side NOKIA logo is peeled off. K and I are gone.It a shameful things Nokia couldn't keep up it's logo. Phone is built for endurance but not logo.

Nokia logo

My Back side NOKIA logo is peeled off.
K and I are gone.It a shameful things Nokia couldn't keep up it's logo. Phone is built for endurance but not logo.


  • Do not feel bad to the Samsung also drop the letters


    No te sientas mal a los Samsung también se les caen las letras.

  • user389 user389
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    I'm curious, which variant of Nokia 6 is it? TA-????

    The NOKIA letters on the back of my TA-1021 are machine cut a fraction of a millimeter into the aluminium body and will surely stay until the phone is recycled.

  • Mine also. Nokia's build quality is not good? It is very important as it is unibody design. No chance to replace the cover. So resale value drastically reduced due to this production complaint. I will never recommend Nokia to a friend in future
  • TimoA TimoA

    My phone and finding are the same as user389 told above, the logo is machine engraved into the metal (and it is absolutely impossible to wear out unless a file + a lot of force & energy is used, or some kind of power tool like angle grinder or similar).

    I find it difficult to believe that in some Nokia 6 variants the logo would be paint (printed or silk-screened or such)  and in some other variants machine engraved to the metal.

    Could it be that both Amjad and Veepool have a fake Nokia 6, are there such fakes on the market?

  • Dear TimoA,
    The logo in Nokia 6 was a steel insert in engraved body. Letter 'K' from logo is not in its place once I noted and there is engraving with a small hole. I don't know where it disappeared. It's a clear case of manufacturing defect.
  • TimoA TimoA
    Amjad, if it is so that the letter "K" either is not at it's correct place or is absent altogether then it is a warranty issue so you will get a new phone or your phone is repaired.

    However, huge manufacturers like those that assemble Nokia phones have very strict quality control in place, both by machine vision and by humans, in many steps along the production line. It sounds miraculous to me that such a very basic and glaringly visible defect could pass all the quality control check points, of course almost everything is possible in theory.

    Anyhow, before you take the phone to service point, I would be very pleased if you could provide a decent quality photo(s) about the "K" issue. If you have a Dropbox account you could upload the photo(s) to the public folder and then create a link(s) for that. If you do not have Dropbox then you can create one, it is free (up to 2GB). Also , one very easy and free service to share photos is Here is an example photo of the logo on my Nokia 6:
  • user1509445273356 user1509445273356
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    Polished aluminium letters are glued to cuts in the body for all models. Glue becomes a bit liquid if phone experience heating for prolonged period of times and letters can come off. 

  • TimoA TimoA
    user1509445273356, manufacturing these gadgets by millions really is no Arts & Crafts. It has already been established above that the logo is machine engraved _into_ the metal, everyone who actually owns the Nokia 6 phone or can hold it in their hand can easily verify this on their own, it can been sen and it can be felt using fingertip. So there are no separate letters and no glue what comes to the the Nokia logo.
  • I think you understood my issue.
  • TimoA you just dont know what are you talking about.

    Amjad, thats exactly what's I saying.
  • TimoA TimoA

    Amjad, tkank you for the photo, though it is quite difficult to see much from it since the size of the letter K in the picture is only about 46px * 36px.  Anyhow, it still is very peculiar to me that how such a very easily detectable defect could pass the quality inspections.  For example, it could be so that this phone has been scrapped at final inspection point but fore some reason it did not go into the shredder but instead somehow found a way onto the market or black market.

    If this is a genuine Nokia phone then you you can have it replaced at a Nokia service point or at the place of purchase, even after the stated guarantee period.  I''m tuly puzzled why have you not done that?

  • TimoA TimoA

    Amjad, for some reason you did not want to reveal how the start of the chat with HMD care point went on.  If you told them that the letter "K" is worn out or peeled off (as you maintained in your earlier messages) then the response from the chat person is easy to understand and correct & polite, because every sane person having minimal education knows that such a damage is not physically possible (unless you purposefully damage the device using e.g. a powerful grinding tool)

    Also, it seems that you have not provided a photo of the logo to the chat person. You should have done so, and you really would need to take a much higher resolution photo of the logo than what you now have on your Dropbox.

    That said, a chat service (of what ever shop, service, etc) is just that, a chat, it is always a kind of a grandma & grandpa service, they are able to solve "problems" like "how to change the brightness of the display", or similar beginners level issues. Because it is a chat, there is only one person who handles your issue and it happens in real time.  An email is much better approach, it is possible to attach pictures to emails and in case the person who receives an complaint by email is not familiar with the particular issue he/she will forward the email to someone who knows the issue better.

    Anyhow, if you physically show a Nokia 6 phone with such a defect to the logo (along the related purchase invoice) the phone will absolutely be replaced (or the main frame changed), even after the normal warranty period. That is for sure, it is not just my opinion.  In case the service point is too far away then you could mail the phone, you just need to ask a RMA number from the service point first.

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