TA 1053 Dual Sim not receiving updates past April 2018

Hi, I bought my phone last november via Saturn in Germany without 'Sim-Lock'.

TA 1053 Dual Sim not receiving updates past April 2018


I bought my phone last november via Saturn in Germany without 'Sim-Lock'. Everything was fine, until I had to send it in for repair of the receiver beginning of August 2018. Before repair I'm pretty sure I've already received security updates up to at least July.

A while after repair (which was successfull) I noticed that I did not get any notifications about security updates anymore. So, I checked the system: Android 8.1.0/security updates April 2018/Build 00WW_5_600 and it is always saying 'System is up to date'. Thaen, I read the repair statement a bit more closely and it was saying 'software update by manufacturers instructions'.

I contacted Nokia support several times, well, let me just say with no result up to this date (3 month later). I even managed to get in contact with the repair place (well, not directly, but their call center). They are saying they changed the system software to what is adviced by Nokia.

So I'm basically running in circles. What can I do, to get my device up to date.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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  • Anyone from Nokia tech team, maybe?

    Looks like this issue:


    except, I haven't done any beta update and rollback afterwards. Maybe the repair shop?

  • I still stuck with build 00WW_5_600 and security patch April 2018. Is there a particular problem with this build. Is there a way to manually update?
  • From another forum regarding security patch updates for a Nokia.

    1. First, please go to Settings >> Applications/Apps & Notifications >> (Show all) Three dots on the top-right >> Show System >> Carrier Services >> Storage >> Cache and tap to clear it.

    2. Then, remove any SIM Cards on your device and shut down your device (Long press the Power Button >> Power Off).

    3. Wait for about 15 minutes, then turn on your device without the SIM Card.

    4. 10 minutes after it loads, please connect to a stable Wi-Fi Connection and check for your System Updates by going to Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates.

    5. Should this not work, please go back to step 2, but on step 3, please insert a SIM Card from a different Network Operator and proceed to step 4.

  • Thank's. I've tried this (several times) and all the other advices offered by Nokia 'support' (via chat and email) to no success.
  • No success, tried w/ and w/o sim (diferent) card. Still saying it's up to date at security patch level 1.April 2018...
  • I would try to roll back Andrid to version 7.1.2, then upgrade to 8.1.0 and then download security patches. Perhaps this will help.
  • Hakaide Hakaide
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    I have the same issue on my Nokia 5 (TA-1053). I'm stuck on the July 2018 security patch. Up to this moment, i can't get any of those latest patch! What is happening here? By the way, i sent my phone to the Nokia Service Center to Makati, Philippines via MemoXpress here in Iligan City to where i bought my device on October 2017. I sent my Nokia 5 last May 2018 because i've noticed a white dot on my phone's screen. I've waited for almost two month before i got this back. Then, I noticed when the August 2018 security patch was released, I can't get any of those until on this latest November 2018 security patch. I doubted that something fishy happens on my device when it is being repaired. I hope it is not that way. I love Nokia but for now, I'm very disappointed 'cause i can't get any updates which they've promised that every nokia android will have. 

    By the way, i tried the soft and hard reset but still i can't get any of the latest updates.
    I hope someone can answer for a solution on this problem.
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