No gallery , what foolishness, please roll out update

Made biggest by buying Nokia 6 , will never recommend to anyone.

No gallery , what foolishness, please roll out update

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Made biggest by buying Nokia 6 , will never recommend to anyone.
Nokia gave other useless app which no one use daily
But removed gallery which is the most basis and most useful app.
I don't know how to operate , each time going to folder and wasting lot of time.

Any suggestions what to do?
Nokia team any suggestions from you what I do?


  • Unknown
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    Open camera > bottom right corner > takes you to last photo. Top right corner, tap the double image icon > takes you to album/gallery which by default is Google Photos which you would expect in a pure Android experience.
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    Considering all the very real issues this phone has (like broken notifications), I can’t believe the number of people complaining about the lack of a gallery app. This is a total non-issue. We’re talking about a smartphone here; you can install apps. There are tons of gallery apps available on the play store, and lots of them are much better options than the default gallery app ever was. And like monkehfu says, Photos is the default gallery app now, as decided by Google and it’s really not that difficult to use.
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    Hello, in my case the gallery application is not necessary, this google photos, so also with google files go, using the camera app and entering storage, explore you can see the photos, I do not know why they make so much alarm that and not only Nokia lacks camera application most of Motorola, Alcatel, Doogee, Meizu, among others have no own gallery, only those that have an interface (UI) of the manufacturer such as LG, Samsung, Sony to mention.


    Hola, en mi caso la aplicación de galería no me es necesaria, esta google fotos, así también tanto con google files go, mediante la app de cámara y entrando a almacenamiento, explorar se pueden ver las fotos, no se porque hacen tanta alarma por eso, no solo Nokia carece de aplicación de cámara la mayoría de motorola, alcatel, doogee, meizu, entre otros no tienen galería propia, solo aquellos que llevan una interfaz del fabricante (UI) como los de LG, Samsung, Sony, por mencionar.

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    Zydrax, I think you're overreacting, and also forgetting that one man's critical default app is another man's bloatware. For example, Google Play Music is the default music player app, but to me that it useless bloat that I disable, because foobar2000 is a vastly superior music app (no ads BTW) and I will always disable GPM and install foobar. The best policy is to pre-install as few things as possible and let the user decide. 

    In a nutshell:

    • Not everyone wants lots of default apps installed (you're only considering the issue from your narrow point of view).

    • Not all free apps have ads.

    • It's not hard to find ad-free apps that are much better than any default app would ever be.

    • The Nokia 6 has a default gallery app; it's called Google Photos.

    • There is a file browser built into Android. Open "Downloads" and tap the hamburger menu. You can delete, move, copy etc.
    • If you want a proper file browser from a trustworthy source, download the Asus File Manager. It has SMB etc. It's a default app; default on Asus phones lol. When you start thinking about it that way, your argument gets a little silly (for the record, Google Play Store says that Asus File Manager contains ads, but I don't remember seeing any).

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    Agree with HeavyHorses !
    Its better to look for alternatives that complain something is broken.
    Atleast trying a third party application before using it as default is way better than complaining. Not all applications work out for everyone as said above.

    Surely there are tons of articles about Top 10 alternatives for any application, if people just search!

  • Amigo espero q t refieres al mismo problema q tengo. En mi caso desde la aplicación la cámara no me habré la galería (circulo esquina inferior derecha) si kieres ver como "quedo" la foto q tomaste hay q salir de la aplicación camara e ir a la "galería" directamente.
    No ubico si fue el problema desde la actualización ah android 8, pero creo si, ya q tambien "modifico" el aspecto de la camara....
  • I think there is galery among the android.. Either u go go Download application download on Nougat or File in Android Oreo. Or you can go to Photo.. i think all is inside there
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