Android 9 Remove Google search from home

So my partners Nokia 6.1 updated to Android 9.

Android 9 Remove Google search from home

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So my partners Nokia 6.1 updated to Android 9.

Normally I'd see this as a good thing, however a really annoying Google search bar has appeared at the bottom of the 'desktop' home screens which is intrusive and annoying, plus it completely breaks the otherwise clean uncluttered UI that people who prefer stock android generally go for.

How do you get rid of this abomination? 



  • Yep, this. O created an account just to say how terrible this is. Come on Nokia sort this out. It's really bad. 

  • kishore kishore
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    It's not Nokia, it's an Android Pie feature and right now there doesn't seem to be an option to remove it.
  • andrew leroy andrew leroy
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  • That is google's ever present attempt to suck up all the intimate details of your life.  There is no way to remove this or turn it off.  Even disabling the google app will not remove it and you cannot change the default setting in app settings to use another search provider such as duckduckgo or bing.  The only solution is to install another launcher.  Try Evie, Nova Launcher or the Microsoft Launcher.  That will allow you remove the search bar and set it up how you want.
  • This is the most annoying thing ever -- I can't even position it elsewhere on the screen!!  It's occupying a space I had used for other homescreen apps.  I don't mind the google bar provided:
    - I can remove/reposition as I see fit
    - the "OK Google!" voice command can be disabled
    Please fix!
  • How about Nokia creates for us a Nokia Launcher... That provides more customisation?
  • Just remembered I had a thread here! I'll investigate the other launchers.
    So long as it's 'clean' and not intrusive, I'll probably be fine.
  • boblu boblu
    Press and hold google icon then info

    Then disable..Hope it will work.
    If work please hit agree.

  • user1542991359170 user1542991359170
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    Just joined the forum only to add my voice. My 6.1 is back in the box and now I use my previous phone because of the many silly changes in Pie.
    I hate the search bar, I hate the voice assistant, I hate that volume buttons now adjust media and you cannot bind them to the ringer, I think new gestures only add complications.
    It was a beautiful device but I won't use it again before a major upgrade will come.
  • d-mi d-mi
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    Also try *Lawnchair* it's lightweight and close to stock not much customisation options but really a clutter free and simple to use launcher.
  • "Press and hold google icon then info... Then disable..Hope it will work."

    That won't work, google does not want you to be able to remove the search bar.  Even disabling the google app in (settings> apps> google > disable) will not remove the real estate on the screen.  Only a new launcher will allow you to have your screen back. 

    And as for Lawnchair launcher, I agree it is a very minimalistic well designed launcher.  Great if you do not need too many customizations.
  • My partner decided to just 'live with it'
    Shame really, it's the exact mentality that google wants  :/
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