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Even from a Simple Drop Nokia goriila glass 5 broken. And screen is costing 10500. And I bought phone of 15000. Nokia is going to fell now. Never buy nokia

Nokia 6.1 plus display glass is broken



    Even from a Simple Drop Nokia goriila glass 5 broken. And screen is costing 10500. And I bought phone of 15000.

    Nokia is going to fell now. Never buy nokia

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    If any one have Nokia 6.1 plus motherboard, please contact me 8195802379

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    Any one interested to buy Nokia 6.1plus ,touch,display, battery, sensor,camera etc in low price . contact me 8195802379.

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    1. I just touched my Nokia 6.1Plus phone with hands after getting washed and the water entered the screen even though my phone has screen gaurd and Back cover & touch screen and phone are working properly .

    2. When I asked to remove water from my mobile service people are saying that we have replace screen (₹6k) (nokia6.1+ cost is ₹11k) they can just remove water skilfully .

    3. I suggest Nokia to sell spare of its mobiles online for geniune price

  • please dont buy nokia android phones.

  • you are smart phone lover go for samsung smart phone

  • i am also having the same problem with my nokia 6.1 +... the service centre asking for 9000 rs for the replacement of the display.. not justify..

  • Yes...same was with me...they asked for i refused and i went to a local shop..he did it in 3k...while im writing this post it's been some 8 or 9 months and it's working's quality is also good. U cn go for local shop and pledge ull never buy a nokia phone as i did...unless and until the improve themselves.

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    Same thing happened to me.i brought Nokia 7.1.Half screen display was coming and half blank just after one and half month.When i approached nokia service center they said 4000 rs would be charged for the screen display.Since I was busy and then because of corona I got strucked.

    After about 4 months ,now when i approched service center they are saying ,the display will be charged 12000/ RS.

    The Irony is,i bought the set at 14000 rs after discount and for display they are asking me 12000.

    i am asking Nokia ,why they are making we,Indians as fool.when customers are in guarantee or warranted period,then why the question of any charge is arising.I have seen Sony to replace the entire set when it was physically damaged during one year period of guarantee-warrantee.

    I believe if i don't get any practical solution from Nokia then this is the last purchase of my life of any Nokia product.And obviously a bad word of mouth would spread to every related person of mine.

    you will get many examples from history which became failure due to bad after sale service and may be nokia will be one of those in near future if this mismanagement continues.


    goutam mandal

    purchased product from tata croma

  • NOKIA HMD they think that we will ready to at that much 10k only for display **** hole may be we don't buy them again then they realise what they doing we people mad of what

  • I have a spare display for nokia 6.1 plus as my phone's motherboard is dead. So any one any want original display for nokia 6.1 plus or any other part !!!! (At nominal charges)

  • I have original display for nokia 6.1 plus !!! If u want to buy for nominal charges

  • worst phone in history . I have changed 7 times his charging jack now its screen broken and back cover broken falling from just half meter.

    What the **** you made .

    NOKIA CARE MEANS "NO kiya care" bullshit phone

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