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  • After the last few updates, the battery life of the device has taken a severe hit to the chin, especially when the mobile data is turned on.
    Battery saver is more or less a gimmick at this point, as its not doing much to save the battery. Earlier, turning it on meant that the animations will be limited and the devices performance will be reduced to save power. Now, it just sits there, doing nothing. In fact, i find that the power consumption is noticebly higher when the battery saver is actually turned on

    Lastly, the fingerprint sensor has lost its snappiness, especially when the display is turned off when its triggered - taking a second or two to turn the lcd on and then unlock.

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    Fingerprint Phone Lock Issue Nokia 7 Plus

    I only can unlock my phone by fingerprint but cant lock by same. Other cheap phones have this option but this does not. Kindly update security asap

  • My 7 plus can't connect to any Bluetooth divices and it's been like this since i upgraded to 9 pie

    What can i do guys?

  • Hope all of you will be fine .

    I want any link of working gcam to use the telephoto lens of nokia 7 plus. As in mi a1 or mi a6.

    All these links don't use telephoto lens.

    Experts please help the issue.

  • Not a place for this, moreover the links aren't the same, it seems to be a spam

  • Gram version 7 working apk...For Android 10 nokia 7 plus...

    After update in android 10 gram is not working in nokia 7 plus...

  • Nokia hmd..about touch issue this is a software or hardware problem? My nokia 7plus a tuoch issue ,can you fix please? Do something . Wasting my money.

  • Same problem random freezes of touchscreen at random moments.

    This started after installing the latest update.

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    Guys I have the screen freezing problem will it be fixed?

  • My NFC is not working. I tried to receive a file from NFC abled Nokia 8.1. My NFC is on but did react and the other device reacted that error NFC tag... Something similar...

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  • 5G update on Nokia 7 plus please

  • No MR-update in Sweden yet. This is getting ridiculous.

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  • If Nokia 7 plus is newly purchased right now, will it get or receive Android 11 upgrade? Currently using 3.1 plus.

  • Nokia 7 Plus came with Android Oreo at launch back in 2018 and has already received the two major updates that were promised. So, Nokia 7 Plus will not get Android 11.

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    Hey anyone having problems with Instagram video uploading to stories and DMs??

    Tried my account on a different phone and it worked but on my 7 plus is having issues since the last security patch update...

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  • Hello,

    Cause for some reason i can't post a new disussion i'll post here:

    I've encountered a bootloop out of the wild on my 7 Plus and i have no idea how to get out of it. Before anyone asks: I tried accesing recovery mode, but i'll boot like 2-3 times in that period. Basically the phone decided to out of the blue reboot when there was NO REASON for it and since then it boots to the androidone logo and when to logo starts dissapearing it goes back into sleep mode and when you wake up it boots again.

    Hope somebody has an answer for how i can get out of it,


  • Why cant i send voice note on any category of WhatsApp tyoe on my nokia 7

  • I have one, but having charging issues which is out of its guarantee. Did like the phone and annoying to loose with such a stupid error. Disappointed indeed.

  • Hi. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted all the videos on my phone and now I need to root the phone to get them back. How can I do this despite the bootloader being locked?

  • Hi, my Nokia 7 plus shows an error "fail to query software information" when I check the update.

    What happened and What Can I DO?

  • Hi,

    I am sorry to post this here… but how do I create a new topic on this board? I can only comment to existing ones.


  • New users cannot create their own thread for 24 hours to avoid spam. I think you should now start to see a "New Discussion" button at the bottom of the page if you are on mobile.

  • Thank you for the tip. I waited another day. But I cannot find such button. I am on desktop using Firefox. I even tried the "mobile view" function in case it was some responsiveness issue.

    So sorry again…

    I just wanted to know if there will be another security update for the Nokia 7 Plus. Seeing the list of high severity issues you might get nervous:

    I was actually hoping for longer updates with android one.

  • Nokia 7 Plus got all the promised updates for 3 years and I doubt they will provide more updates to their older devices.

    Coming to creating new discussion, you can see the button on the right side. See screenshot below.