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Own a Nokia 1? Need help with something? Please find below some of our most popular FAQs as well as links to our user guide and support app!




Smart Lock does not work/ disappeared after the last update. How do I get it back? 

Go to Settings > Security & location > Trust agents; disable Smart Lock and restart your phone. After the restart enable Smart Lock again and your Smart Lock should be up running again.


Why are there no specific Nokia built in apps? 

Nokia 1 is part of our ‘pure, secure and up-to-date’ pledge. This means providing a ‘pure Android’ experience, without any pre-installed apps or skins. Our consumers can pick exactly what applications they want on their phones.


When do I get the new Security Patch?

Google’s Security Patches are released monthly and depending on the hardware in your phone. As these releases have specific hardware dependencies, we will need to ensure your phone is fully supported before we can test and release those to the operator. Once the quality has been assured, the Security Patch will be delivered to your phone. Due to this, the Security Patches are dependent upon your device model, operator and also your location.


What is Android (Go Edition)? 

Android (Go edition) is a version of Android built for devices with 1GB RAM or less. With apps designed to run faster and use less data, Nokia phones with Android (Go edition) will come with even more space out of the box, and faster, optimised apps.


I still haven’t received an update, even though it was announced. What can I do? 

Software rollouts are a phased process so the timing of Android upgrades will vary by country and operator. In case you haven’t received your update yet, get in touch with our support team to learn more about it.



Official Support App:




  • How to remove Google search bar from the home screen. Nokia 1
  • Any guides to build stripped down android for Nokia 1? This is phone is slow. I want to build bare bone android for this phone as it is my secondary phone.
  • Android pie where??

  • A few questions for the FAQ:
    1. How do we disable the startup sound? Nokia ringing in an office cubicle is embarrassing! I leave my phone on silent for a reason. Please post a fix/work around ASAP.
    2. How do we remove the Google Go widget from the Home screen? I don't need it, I would rather have my music control widget or weather widget there in its place. Having a Pure Android and customizable experience would be appreciated please.
    3. How do we migrate SD cards when we want to upgrade its capacity and not destroy apps/data in the process?
    4. Please post that Q2 2019 will be rollout of Android 9 Pie for the Nokia 1.
  • Why can't I buy a new battery for my Nokia 1? They are not available anywhere.
  • My contact show unknown when they call me and I don't find a setting to fix it pls help
  • Looking for help with Google Assistant on Nokia 1. I cannot activate voice detection or find the option for it on Nokia 1. I have the correct instructions on how to activate it but the option just isn't there. Google Assistant working perfectly when activating it by tapping the mic. It will not activate by voice. HELP..
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    Hi @Stacey131, Please contact our support team directly: [email protected] for help with your problem. 
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    Go to setting -> app -> all App and select app google Assistat and then click on permission and grant permission for microphone 
  • I am having trouble connecting my Nokia 1 to pc via USB any help please??
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    Hi @Lukanlere, please contact our support team directly: [email protected] and they will be able to help with this.
  • Please I need assistance, My Nokia 1 wont boot on, keeps vibrating and does not not come on, once it does, it goes off immediately after I input my password, I wanna know why, and what to do, it's really urgent please
  • Could Someone Tell me please if muy Nokia one has multitask = Split sceen? Thanks.
  • Could Someone Tell me please if muy Nokia one has multitask = Split sceen? Thanks.

    Could Someone Tell me please if muy Nokia one has multitask = Split sceen? Thanks.

  • does the nokia 1 support usb otg ? 
    does the nokia 1 is a water proof phone ?
  • Just received may security update..
  • Why  is flash light not on when phone is ringing 
  • Android Pie is available for nokia 1 just check the update
  • Just updated to pie. Performance is better than Oreo.. After updating to pie then try to factory reset your phone. I did the same..
  • just got the july security patch !!!
  • Upgraded to Android Pie recently, now I'm having issues with my lock pattern. My phone seems to forget my unlock pattern from time to time, it's very random and I don't know what causes it. When I try to unlock my phone with the correct pattern it claims the pattern is incorrect until I block it. When I restart my phone the pattern works again as if nothing went wrong.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue, and how did you resolve it?
  • same as mine got that pattern issue....😒
  • Does anyone had the Pie update in the U.K.?
    I am still on the 8.1.0 android with the 1 May 2019 security patch.

    The model is TA-1047
  • List of all evenwell apps on Nokia 1 after September Upgrade on Android Pie:

    package:com.evenwell.autoregistration.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.nps.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.legalterm.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.partnerbrowsercustomizations.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.nps.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.bboxsbox package:com.evenwell.permissiondetection package:com.evenwell.factorywizard package:com.evenwell.providers.partnerbookmarks.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.foxlauncher.partner package:com.evenwell.legalterm.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.permissiondetection.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.emm package:com.evenwell.fqc package:com.evenwell.nps package:com.evenwell.gmspartner package:com.evenwell.autoregistration package:com.evenwell.legalterm package:com.evenwell.stbmonitor package:com.evenwell.retaildemoapp.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.AprUploadService package:com.evenwell.fmradio.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.factorywizard.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.batteryprotect package:com.evenwell.CPClient.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.CPClient package:com.evenwell.CPClient.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.SetupWizard package:com.evenwell.batteryprotect.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.DeviceMonitorControl package:com.evenwell.custmanager package:com.evenwell.pushagent package:com.evenwell.SetupWizard.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.UsageStatsLogReceiver package:com.evenwell.dataagent package:com.evenwell.SetupWizard.overlay.d.base.s600ww package:com.evenwell.fmradio package:com.evenwell.batteryprotect.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.fmradio.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.retaildemoapp package:com.evenwell.dataagent.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.pushagent.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.managedprovisioning.overlay.base package:com.evenwell.autoregistration.overlay.base Why are they still on there? Also please don't delete this post.
  • I've disabled them all 😅
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    I've disabled them all 😅
     I disable all. but after some days. my phone pattern lock not working with right pattern. but other problems solved eg: animation changing, battery drain. But pattern lock problem still remaining
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    It's a different bug. Happened to me twice in the previous 6 months. Hope Nokia will solve this issue in the upcoming security patches and bug fixes. Quick solution: restart your phone or set pin lock instead (no issues with it).

  • Hi folks,
    Sorry if this a basic question but I couldn't find anything in the FAQ.

    I've recently noticed that certain Apps on the Play Store are showing up as being incompatible (HSBC mobile banking, Barclaycard, to name a couple). Is this an Android Go limitation? I find it hard to believe that a Banking App would be too complex for my phone to handle - especially as I've got others installed that work fine.

    I hadn't noticed anything like this until I updated to Android 9, but that may just be conincidence and it's always been this way with Go.

    If anyone has any advice on this it would be much appreciated.
  • GPS is not locking. It keep on telling wrong direction. This problem started after the Pie update. Is there any solution.

  • It would be Better If Nokia Gives Android 10 and Some more air gestures in Nokia 1.