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<b>My Nokia 2.1 is not charging. If you plug a charger it drains the battery and shuts down.</b><br>

Nokia 5 - General FAQs Thread


  • Zet Zet
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    <b>My Nokia 2.1 is not charging. If you plug a charger it drains the battery and shuts down.</b>
  • Zet Zet
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    <b>Can someone advise me on what to do with this charging problem. When I went to the store where I purchased it they told me Nokia phones takes more that two months on repair. Please help</b>
  • Se puede pasar aplicaciones a la SD Card?
  • affaf_ahmed affaf_ahmed
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    Hi @matteo.m ! My nokia 5 is not being able to verify the update of the august 2019 security patch. I factory reset my phone and now I am unable to set it up due to the update! What should I do?? Please help me out!
  • sachin ranvirkar sachin ranvirkar
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    My phone is Nokia 6 and my camera is it working since 2 dYs
  • My phone is Nokia 6 and my camera is not working so what can I do
  • Hola bueno días, necesito ayuda, recientemente compre un Nokia 5 y me esta presentado el siguiente problema: Cuando efectuó una llamada la pantalla se pone negra y no me permite finalizar la llamada, la pantalla permanece así durante algunos segundo como sin reaccionar, solo un tiempo después se restablece. Alguno de ustedes ha tenido ese problema? como podría solucionarlo? de antemano Gracias.
  • Moses Apo Moses Apo
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    Hi, I have an issue with my storage. I can't move data from the internal memory to the SD card to free space on the phone. Which makes it impossible to update or save data on my phone because everytime I try am told there's no storage even though I have free space on my sd card. Can someone help?

  • Paoulo Paoulo
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    Moses App, I think you need to choose 'internal' SD card use, not choose 'portable' use when installing SD card. Maybe you need to format/wipe and reinstall the SD card to set this choice-I'm not sure.

  • giant tech giant tech

    same problem facing with my nokia 5 but after clearing my cache files in my phones storage phone gives me better performance and also battery drain in very fast but charging speed is also better for 3 years old phone

  • giant tech giant tech

    is there HMD Global giving android 10 update for nokia 5 ?

  • اكتب تعليقك
  • نعم انصح كل اللذين ينوون شراء هاتف نوكيا 5 ان يصرفو النظر عن هواتف نوكيا قبل التحديث النظام اندويد 10
  • The camera is not giving me the crisp quality pictures I tried all that is possible but to no avail.

    Recently I downloaded Duo thinking that I would get good pictures nothing worked for me.

    I'm now dislussioned.

    Help me with this, thanks

  • Help me with the camera of Nokia 5, not only that but anything that has to do with image eg video watching or DSTV the picture is out of focus, blurred it so irritating.

    Can you please help me,(Do something it does help)

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