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I've got an Nokia 6 with Pie! How do I stop others from answering my calls, or how do I stop incoming calls from opening my phone??

Nokia 6 - General FAQs Thread


  • I've got an Nokia 6 with Pie! How do I stop others from answering my calls, or how do I stop incoming calls from opening my phone?? Everytime there's an incoming call, all security settings are set aside, and anyone can answer or have access to my phone.
  • Today received March security patche. Thanks for Nokia for regular updates. 

    After updating Nokia 6 battery drying every 20 second percentage will decrease and charging very late. For 1% it will take more that 12min.

    Battery heating more even more, as unable to hold phone sometime. It's more that 44 to 45 degrees.

    We don't have any other issues. Kindly check on battery dryn issue as soon as possible
  • <b>my mobile is using when suddenly switch off problem and Dolby sound is very poor</b>
  • zin min naing zin min naing
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    what about april update  ? 
    Nokia 6 TA -1021
  • I am using Nokia 6 TA-1021. And I am still far from March security patch. I am not getting March security patch. Please help me.
  • Ok, today I found an interesting error. Or more like it found me.
    I restarted my TA-1000 and all my fingerprints and my pattern were gone.   :sweat_smile:
  • Still I am not getting April security patch( Nokia 6 TA-1021). Please anyone help me.
  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    Still April 2019 SP has not pushed for all Nokia 6 Variants
  • The Nokia 6 2017 has worst battery backup in pie update. Also the phone gets hot while charging and charging speed is slow compared to Oreo 8.1. waiting for Nokia to fix issues. The Dolby Atmos has no noise in pie but has worst Dolby Atmos tweak which has no deep bass and also sound is louder but very harsh to ears.I am waiting for Nokia to release a neat and clean pie without bugs for Nokia 6 2017. Since this is last major os upgrade for Nokia 6 2017. At last os support should end with an stable and bug free system update.
  • After the recent update I cannot open my camera . Is there is any update for this issue
  • My audio jack isn't working anymore.
    Today, I restarted my phone and the camera didn't work.
    I bought my phone to make my life easier, not the other way around!
    Why....?  :'(
  • Привет.Нокиа 6 Т- 1021 ,завис на окне POWERED BY ANDROID. Не помогли сбросы ,очистки и т.д. Висит. Что можно сделать?
  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    это может быть проблема с загрузочными файлами для правильной загрузки для этого Подключите зарядное устройство и нажмите и удерживайте кнопку питания и кнопку увеличения громкости в течение нескольких секунд, пока не появится команда Нет. когда он появится, отпустите клавиши и удерживайте клавишу увеличения громкости и нажимайте клавишу питания до тех пор, пока не появится Bootmenu. Если это меню отображается, у вас есть возможность загрузить пакет и перезапустить устройство, если вам нужно посетить Nokia. центр заботы
  • nirzak nirzak
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    Have someone finds an interesting issue!Sometimes when I restart my phone all fingerprints automatically removed!This happens with me two times!But other festures seem to be OK now!
  • Hi there,

    Is there a chance Nokia 6 could get "Double Touch to Awake" option in the near future? I have been waiting for over a year for this. Could someone shed some light on this?
  • Jinzukei Jinzukei
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    fingerprints works better than double tap to wake.
  • jordi77 jordi77
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    I've just been in the update part of the HMD site and they are saying that a update is on its way of 150mb but that is for the 1033 but as the picture of the update was in Spanish I could not read it but the article around it is in English and it just said that it's on its way with no date but is going to be released in the coming weeks
  • VC0 VC0
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    I simply changad Nokia 6 to Nokia 8.1 and all working good. Unfortunately... 
  • Jinzukei Jinzukei
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    september security patch ota update when?
  • user123 user123
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    Question : When will be bootloader unlock available?????

  • Vadapally Vadapally
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    I want Nokia 6 pH bro 9849607304 my contact number

  • Abua Victor Abua Victor
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    It's simply because your bootloader is lock, search on a thread here on how to unlock bootloader..

  • Abua Victor Abua Victor
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    After upgrading to Android 9 pie,I can't use Battery Saver mode..

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