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Can I get technical support for my Nokia device in this community?

Community Forum FAQ

HMD_Laura HMD_Laura
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Can I get technical support for my Nokia device in this community?

There is no official tech support available in the community, but you can still search for your issue in case a fellow Nokia phone owner has shared some advice. For official tech support for Nokia phones, head to our Support page:

What is new?

You can earn badges and points from your activity in the community.

You have more options to react to posts. You have private messaging tool.

How do I earn badges or accumulate points?

In general, badges and points are awarded for being an active member of our community.

Each badge is slightly unique and can be earned in a different for example, you can get a badge for uploading a profile picture or getting a certain amount of reactions to your posts. For each badge, you’ll earn a certain amount of points. Points can also be earned for smaller actions like starting discussions, commenting on discussions threads, answering questions, or getting positive reactions to your posts from other users.

What language should I speak in the community?

English is the language of choice for all discussions in the globally shared sections (Phones, General, Tech talk). However, some other languages are supported in the local section. You can find this under “Regions”.

What can other see about me?

Other user will see your Display name, Activity summary (discussions, comments, reactions, when joined, number of visits), earned badges, and points accumulated.

Where can I leave feedback?

We are constantly working to improve our community, so all feedback is appreciated. Please leave your comments here:

Where my data is stored?

Your community-related data is stored in a data center hosted by Vanilla. You can read more about this at the privacy portal:

How I can delete my data?

You can clear your user data from your Nokia Account page: . Please note that this action will delete your data and account from all Nokia services.

Who will remove my data from old forum? How I make sure that my old discussion won’t be stored in old forum? I want to make changes in old forum.

Content from the previous forum version has been migrated to the new platform called Vanilla. You can access your account and forum discussions with your existing credentials. The old forum will be closed and your contents and user data will not be accessible through the old forum platform.

I don’t want my nickname to be used on new forum.

You can change your nickname at any time in Nokia Account settings > My Profile: . All members of the community must have a display name.

I don’t want my posts from the old forum to be moved to the new forum.

You can talk to your community manager or administrator about removing your content. Simply drop them a private message. You also have the option to remove all of your user data in your Nokia Account: Note that this action will delete your data and account from all Nokia services.


  • Maeve Maeve
    Hello Folks. I'm not sure if this is the correct way of posting on the Nokia forums?
    I  received a Nokia 8 a few days ago. I am having issues with a jumping screen. It was doing this before all the updates were installed.
    It will jump from one screen to another without touching the phone. I have done a few factory resets but it has'nt helped.
    On youtube there was one reset that required the phone to be powered off then holding the volume up button while installing the usb. When I tried this version ,I cant power off the phone to begin with.
    Does anyone have any ideas or is the phone faulty and needs to be returned?
  • Wozza Wozza
    ✭✭  / 
    Anybody around here inform me as to when my UK spec Nokia 8 is going to receive the android pie update? This really is dragging out a bit and is getting embarrassing.
  • taraletti taraletti
    ✭✭  / 
    question,, how do I create a topic?
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