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It would be great if you and the other community managers, administrators and moderators could each introduce yourselves. Up until now I thought there was only you, and now I see the HMD team on the forum has many people in it! This is great, it would be nice to know a bit more about you all.
Cheers :smile:


  • Hi @TodesUrteil and @madbilly

    Matteo here, part of the Nokia phone's team! I mainly take care of data and some social stuff. But I love forums too! So I decided to help out!

    You'll probably see me popping around here and there! If you have any questions, feel free to ping me.

    I'm from Italy and have been with the Nokia phones family for just over a year!

    I'm passing the ball now to @HMD_Laura - Your turn, and tag along our next moderator to continue the chain!
  • matteo.m said:
    Thanks @""matteo.m" . Maybe we should say the one dropping the ball and not writing a intro should buy everyone in the community a nokia 7 plus or better  :D lol

    Nokia 7 Plus ftw. Always room in my bag to have another one!
    Totally agree @matteo.m wouldn't mind having a 7plus myself. 
  • This an awesome Thread, all thanks to @madbilly , i am new here in the forum but all time Nokia fan, from Nokia 1108 to Nokia 1020  just like @Edo my phone was the favorite among all my friends for photography (and they were jealous too) 
    Its Kalpit Tiwari from India 

  • Welcome Team HMD. I am ardent Nokia fan since 3310. Used 3310/6610/6630/6030/E6/Lumia 730 and still use Lumia 1520 sometime and will purchase New Nokia soon after next launch in Dec.
  • A great forum and a community. Happy to be here 😊
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    Hi @Edo and @arttuaa ! Great to have someone from the technical team join us here, much appreciated :)
  • Well, is there anyone, who's in Nokia team, from Vietnam?
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    nathanho said:
    Well, is there anyone, who's in Nokia team, from Vietnam?
    I think there is, because there's a dedicated section of the forum for Vietnam:

    I don't know who the community manager there is, but I expect they'll have introduced themselves. Vietname is an important country for HMD since many of their phones are manufactured there!

    Cheers :)
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    Hello, HMD community team. Thank you for being with us.  :)
  • It's great to be on the forums, I hope Nokia picks up again in this market 😊
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    petrus ✭✭✭✭

    Connecting people  :)

  • Seems @temanindonesia will need to go to the nearest bank and have a discussion with the bank manager for a huge loan? Nokia 7 plus' for all won't be cheap lol  :D  

  • Nice to meet everyone. I love the friendliness and respectres this community between users and staff. 
  • proud feeling to be a part of the community
  • It sure is nice to get to know everyone! After all, Nokia's Connecting People, right? ;)
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    @user1531930594099 I would if I knew who to tag! :D