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Hi all, I see we have someone new here from HMD - @Nikhil.V, say hello! 👋 Cheers 🙂

HMD community team introduce themselves


  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi all,

    I see we have someone new here from HMD - @Nikhil.V, say hello! 👋

    Cheers 🙂

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    Where is Android 11 for Nokia 5.3 ?

    Q2 is now gone and so is second roadmap.

  • davidlan davidlan
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    Hi All,

    IAM using Nokia 6 from past 1.5 yr ,the phone is really good.thank you HMD for releasing the Nokia branded (my favourite brand) smartphone, especially the dualspeaker with Dolby is simply awesome.

    It's good if Nokia have a smartphone with dual speakers like this and also with PURE BLACK PUREMOTION FHD+ sAMOLED display (pureBLACK or ClearBlack which I like the most ,I saw it in Nokia Lumia 1020) with Zeiss optics.

     And IAM waiting for it.

    _______________________________________ - Fix Mobile At Viet Nam

  • jeims jeims

    I can´t even start a new topic on these forums. I don´t know why. But I have a problem and I´ll post it here:

    I bought 225 4g phone because I wanted privacy. I don´t need GPS. But there´s a problem. The phone I had before was the 3310 3g. It was a great phone but it was only 3g. So I thought the next logical step was to get the 225 4g. The problem is that I´m using Tracfone with (Verizon sim). Even though this phone is supposed to be unlocked it only connects to 4g during calls if you´re using T-mobile. What´s up with that ? It should be either locked or unlocked. It shouldn´t be advertised as unlocked if it only works with one carrier. Now I have until December to switch phones yet again because Verizon will shut down 3g! It´s a shame because this phone was just what I needed and works really well. But it´s false advertising. Not really unlocked!

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Hi, you need to wait until 24 hours from your signup before you can start a new discussion.

    The problem of carriers is quite a mess, to be very honest. The company makes a phone with the supported standard technology, but each carrier wants to interfere and bring in special/additional control before they will allow the device to connect to their networks. This is one thing that has made some carrier-controlled markets so anti-competition, leaving only a handful of brands with good relationships with the carriers to work and operate.

    I believe Verizon has not approved the Nokia phone to work on their network even though it supports the 4G connectivity and it is sold unlocked. Hence it disallows the device to connect to its 4G VoLTE services. You will need to pick up a certified device to work with Verizon's network. The only feature phone they have from Nokia on their website is Nokia 2720 V flip.

    See how they force phone makers to make a special "V" phone version if they want to make it work on Verizon, which will not work on any other carrier.

  • Fezee Fezee
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    @HMD_laura & @dipankar paul please tell me when will nokia 3.4 got android 12 update ?

  • Andycool025 Andycool025
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    @Fezee They are not in NOKIA, these people already left NOKIA.

  • Fezee Fezee
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    @Andycool025 then who will reply us about update ? Nobody knows when will we got android 12 update in Nokia 5.4, 5.3, 3.4 and oylther devices ? And nobody knows what is going on in Hmd Nokia ? Are they just closing Nokia brand ?

  • srijanbhatia srijanbhatia
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    Hi guys, let me check and get back to you with updates soon. :)

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Wait.. employees engaging about user queries on this forum?! I hope there will be a follow-up 🤞🏽

  • PrixManji PrixManji
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    Hi HMD guys,

    Please fix the Instagram bug in Nokia G20, that's happening after the android 12 update

  • Andycool025 Andycool025
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    @srijanbhatia sir is New Community Manager,from june 2021💙

  • Fezee Fezee
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    @srijanbhatia thanks sir.

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