Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth issue

Is anyone have issues connecting to Car Bluetooth? Just got the 7.1 and  Bluetooth connection worked perfectly.

Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth issue

Tpat Tpat
Is anyone have issues connecting to Car Bluetooth? Just got the 7.1 and  Bluetooth connection worked perfectly. Now  all of sudden I can't hear my incoming or outgoing calls. Pretty much no sounds. Tried connect other phone with my car bluetooth and its working perfectly fine.

Basically, when i connect i reviece no sound Phone calls. I have rebooted, factory reset, deleted the paired but its the same. It's new phone and tried to do everything. 

Any suggestion?


  • I also use Nokia 7.1.with Bluetooth ,I faced it once but it resolve after reconnecting again by switching off the Bluetooth on the phone ..It happened with my previous S4 too.
  • I had same problem with my nokia 6.1,took it back to the store,they sent it away,and they put new main board in,now works,so there is a fault with them,also check your settings,I tapped Build 7 times and it opened up the Developer settings,and in there you can alter the bluetooth AVRCP setting from 1.4 to 1.5 to match the car audio
  • My nokia 7.1 is really bad ith Bluetooth, my GF can hardly hear me because of “noise” when i speak. Its the same with my 6 & 8 .... In myVW.
    I made a post about it you can read. 
  • Nokia 7.1 Plus bluetooth did not search the Breeza car BT device. anybody knows any solution to fix this?
  • jimmyireland jimmyireland
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    Mine keeps disconnecting from my car and have to keep pairing it back up its getting annoying now.
  • Nokia 7.1 bluetooth did not search the TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 earphone device. is there any solution or updates to fix this ?
  • HenkkaFin HenkkaFin
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    Found a solution to Bluetooth problems between my Nokia 7.1 and BT car kit, in my case Volvo XC60 2015. Changing the Bluetooth AVRCP version to 1.3 in Android Developer settings was the solution. Alsothe Volvo manual says that it should be 1.3. As many car manufacturers are using same subcontractors and components, trying this trick is really worth to try for other car brands as well and why not to any other problematic bluetooth device.
  • Thanks HenkkaFin, had the issues since Pie upgrade and also with 8.1 and yes, Volvo manual says 1.3 but did not have a clue it could be changed in developer options :smile:
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