What case are you using?

I'm a bit of a case nerd. I've purchased 3 cases for the Nokia 6.1 * Sucnakp TPU Case - Good compromise between protection and slim profile

What case are you using?

Andrew LeRoy Andrew LeRoy
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I'm a bit of a case nerd. I've purchased 3 cases for the Nokia 6.1
I'm currently using the first one listed (image below). What case, if any, do you use?



  • scouser73 scouser73
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    I have bought two cases for my Nokia 6.1 but I prefer using the first one.

    1 - Terrapin TPU Gel Cover - Solid Black Matte Finish
    2 - Coodio Wallet Case, Magnetic Closure Flip Folio Case Cover

  • madbilly madbilly
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    I don't use one, and my slippery eel Nokia 8 has suffered the consequences! I don't like cases for two reasons: why hide the beautiful phone I just bought? Cooling; and fitting it on my pocket.

    Oh that's three reasons! 🤣
  • Andrew LeRoy Andrew LeRoy
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    I bought this matte black TPU case a while back and received it yesterday. I prefer thin cases, and this one has a soft-touch finish, fits snugly, and doesn't add width to the device. If you want a no-frills, thin profile case this one's a winner (and very inexpensive too).


  • Junior Sutton Junior Sutton
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    @Andrew I also use the same case ur Currently using, I have a Nokia 6 (2017) although I hate to cover up this beautiful phone this case looks nice, slim feel and raised front edges provides protection when setting face down on table, def my top choice
  • Same...like you (number 1)
  • yew Danial yew Danial
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    in Malaysia no Case selling.. this is sad
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