Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event



  • Hello. I'm Chrizza from the Philippines 🇵🇭. I really love Nokia phones. I'm using now Nokia 7 Plus and I love everything about it. I love you Nokia phones! 
  • I loved the design of the Nokia 2110,
    And has been a fan since then.
    Nokia phones, I owned a few,
    Though none of the New.
    Please blow the mind of my,
    Take me to your launch in Dubai!

  • Hi, I'm John and have been working in technology and telecommunications since 1969. I love Nokia phones but the current support I am getting for the Nokia 7 Plus TA-1055 build 00WW_2_22M in the UK is really bad. We are still on the August security patch  
  • I think everybody in this world is a fan of Nokia so no need to say that am a big fan of Nokia thank you for making our live better from long time
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    Hello. Typing from Nokia 8 sirocco 
  • The father of all phones is here ,love you Nokia,the trusted brand that we need
  • Hello Magical Dubai
  • Hello!, big fan of Nokia!, still using a Lumia until I can buy a new Nokia.
  • Hello!!!!!!
    I'm Mayank , Excited about the new launches from Nokia on December 5 :):):):):)
  • My first Nokia Phone was 3100.
  • Hello,
    Would love to witness the Nokia launch event. 
  • Hey Juho.. not too far from you guys and it would be great to be a part of what is coming next, Love my Nokia 8 and I hope to be a part of this journey for a long time to come!
  • Nothing to lose! So here I am  :)
  • What about the plans on Android 9 Pie update for Nokia 8? 🤔🤔🤔
  • Hello. I'm Chrizza from the Philippines 🇵🇭. I really love Nokia phones. I'm currently using Nokia 7 Plus and I love everything about it. Love lots Nokia!
  • Hi I'm Athul. I'm a loyal Nokia fans. I've never used any other than Nokia's. My first phone was Nokia X2 then I got a C2. I even had a Lumia which I really loved. When I heard that nokia relauched it's brand I could keep hold of myself!! I currently own a Nokia 7 plus and I'm really lovin' it.❤️
  • Hello! Thanks to Nokia, I have never had to worry about dropping my phone in my life lol
  • Hello there! I'm Ding-Yang from Malaysia and I love Nokia  <3
  • Hello Nokia! 
    As a Fresh graduate from Nigeria, it took me quite a while to save up to buy my Nokia 5...and the experience so far has been amazing. I do hope Poe gets here ASAP lol...and I'm really hoping I get selected. Thank you! - Chibuike
  • Hi, I'm Sumeet from india, I have a Nokia 6.1 Plus
  • Hi everyone.  I'm Sankar. Like everyone here I have always been a fan of Nokia phone. My very first phone was a Nokia 8250. I still have it till today. Nokia stands for quality,reliability and innovation. Hope to see this continues. Right now,all my Nokia phones are kept well to passover to my daughter when she grows up. This is how it will connect 2 generations and many more to come. It will be sweet to be in Dubai to witness Nokia 9 release.Tweeted with my username shansp3 after analysis the images posted by Juha. I believe I'm the first to sort of decipher it before every other mainstream sites report the same. Whatever it is,I will still get it.  And my sincere wishes to that one lucky person to witness the rebirth of modern Nokia. Only a true fan will understand. And it's a win for us as a fan to have anyone of us to witness this magical moment which comes once in a lifetime. Glory to the King of phone.
  • Shailesh Nazareth
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    Hi .....my name Shailesh....huge fan of Nokia ......I stopped using WhatsApp when they stopped support to my Nokia N73......after a two years nokia is back.....I own new nokia android,kios based phones....if there is chance please bring back legendary Nokia N9.....thanx Nokia making my whole  journey of my life awesome....it's still connecting people.....typing these comments using my beautiful Nokia 3.1 lagfree android one.....👍👍
  • Yello!
    Amogh from Bengaluru here.
    My love for Nokia started with my first phone, a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic which was bought exactly a decade back and has continued to date with my new Nokia 7 Plus.
    Being an avid photographer myself (https://www.instagram.com/haage_summane/), I am eagerly awaiting the launch of the Nokia phone with a Penta-Camera setup. 
  • Hello Juho and Nokia Mobile !
    Nokia is a big part of my life. Nokia's return brought unexplainable happiness to my life . I wish to be a part of Nokia . 
  • Hello.
  • Hi,

    I'd love to attend the event. My Nokia 6.1 plus is fantastic, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new line-up!
  • Mabuhay HMD!

    I'll be honest, nostalgia made me buy my Nokia 6; the experience made me keep it. Fact is, there is no other brand out there which produces premium built devices with great performance at a very competitive price. Talk about value for money. You bet my next device will still be a Nokia.
    -Paulo, the Philippines
    (Mabuhay means "may you live long" in Filipino)
  • Hello! I'm from India.
    I am a huge fan of Nokia since the time of symbian phones. The first Smart Phone I used is Lumia 730. Currently I'm using Nokia 6.1. I always rely on Nokia mobiles because of their build quality and the support that Nokia gives. It's very happy to hear about the new community.. 😍
  • Good Morning - pls. Get the 9 to the US as soon as possible, my LG is barely hanging on..I have had a few Nokia's in the past - and will have more in the future (Dubai, or not)
  • Hi people! Saying hi all the way from the Philippines! 🇵🇭
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