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  • Wish you Best of Luck towards another milestone - The Nokia Community! Excited to see where it goes.

    In India, few years back, mobile phones ment NOKIA, or nothing. Hoping history repeats, and NOKIA makes an emotional bond with people again. 

  • Hello , I'm Vinoth from Chennai. I'm big Fan of the legendary Nokia. Nokia is God father of all mobile phones. My father's First mobile phone is 1100 when I was kid. Now I bought my first mobile it's Nokia 7 Plus. What a revelation.😎🥰..  Nokia 7 Plus is strong mobile phone.. build like tank. Silky Smootha android one.. Super cool design.. Extraordinary Zeissi Optics camera. And The Nokia camera pro mode is makes you like a professional photographer..😎😇. The Nokia not only branding.. it's more than that.. Nokia has soulfull relationship between World people. I attached my Nokia sample nightlife photography. Why i upload this photo because of  this photography liked by  Our CPO @Sarvikas. thank you @HMD global and @Nokia @zeiss. Thank you @sarvikas... Give me a wonderful Product.
  • Hey, let's make the NOKIA GREAT again in the Dubai TOGETHER !!!
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    Hey @juho ,
    Nice initiative!
    Nokia has been a part of our family. I guess I grew along while Nokia was growing. Nokia lived to hold on it's purest form and sets example for people to be original. And today I feel like a boss when holding a Nokia phone against my ears and walking on the streets!
    Naveen S
  • Hi,

    Good day!

    I am from India. I am a loyal customer to Nokia. I take a pride in being one of the Nokia's smartphone user. My first phone was Nokia 1108 way back in 2005. I am pretty much satisfied with the build quality and timely updates that Nokia android one phone gives me..Overall it's a pleasant ecperience..
  • Welcome Back Nokia!
    I would like to say only one thing. Noikahas its own brand power. The satisfaction of using a phone with performance to build ratio since my forst phone which i purchased in 2009 i.e Nokia 2700 Classic. I still use that phone without any problems. It is my mother's primary phone and this year I bought a Nokia 7 Plus for myself. It is just as amazing as I was jn 2009 in a nokia store. I feel refreshed again(will call it a favrrwel). 
    Use a chinese cheaper phone that gives you all the theory on spec sheet saying we have all features and then use a Nokia phone. You will realise yourself i.e Nokia is Nokia. And you will find the same trust on which you and my previous generation had. And hope nokia will maintain there prosperity till my next generation too. All the Best.
    Sumit Kumar Sharma
    (A Proud Nokia Phone Owner)
  • I hope you have the same level of excitement as when you guys were working on the Nokia N9. THAT was the road not taken. Time to take that road.
  • Hello Nokia, Cant wait to see Nokia's next flagship...Hoping for the same.
  • Hi, I'm makotom. I've been a Nokia lover for long time (indeed, my Nokia E71 is still working), and I was one among the fans being excited by the come back of Nokia phones two years ago. I'm exciting to share moments with this community and see the future of Nokia phones with my Nokia 6.1 in my hand. :smile:
  • Hello Sir! I Am Vicky.My mother used a Nokia Phone and it was a masterpiece.On My Birthday I bought New Nokia 6.1 Because We Rely on You We Rely On Nokia
  • Hello Mr. Juho. Nice to meet you.
    I'm Esra Christian. You can call me Esra. I'm from Indonesia. I'm very excited Nokia release Android smartphone, and more importantly Nokia join Android One family. For me, i love stock Android, especially Android One device, because i have been using Android One since 3 years ago, until now. I can't wait to see a new Android One smartphone from Nokia.

    Thank you.
  • Hi I never used any other phone than Nokia. Good to have new Nokia phones now: Nokia 3 ,Nokia and recently bought Nokia 6.1 plus. All phones for my family members. I am still on Lumia.
  • Helloooooooo 👋🏼. Great to see the phoenix rise, innovate and stand as a company for everyone. 
  • Hello,
    Well I am gonna share my Nokia experience, I have been in the Nokia enthusiast all my life I remember my first one was a Nokia 3310 and current time using both Nokia 5 and 3,I've never used any other phone brands. And appreciating every moments.
  • Hello my first Nokia Phone is Nokia 6303i And now I'm using Nokia 2 and I'm very happy to buy Nokia 2
  • I'm big fan of the name "NOKIA" just love the brand. And the products.
  • Hello,

    Simba here, a lover of technology, sport (first of all - football and handball) and photography. Daily user of smartphone and camera gear. Enthusiastic in long walk with wife and drinking tea with close friens (im not British btw  :) ). 

    Great to see that Nokia is back on big time :). As a true fan of Nokia and photographer i believe that you can show me something that waiting is worth for. Nokia followed me from my childhood (from Nokia 3310) and now is time for future that is bright. I believe that you have something for my needs and expectation. Its time to user from small country Croatia go to Dubai and witness great event.
  • Hope we rule the market as soon as possible
  • Hello,My name is Jayanth and I am from India.First I congratulate Nokia team for making life so easier.My relation with Nokia started nearly a decade ago with Nokia 8110.That is my dad's first mobile and it lasted for many more years.Nokia brand which everyone trusts.They are carrying the same trust with brand new Android One smartphones.I hope the smartphones will Nokia mobile is planning to launch in Dubai be a great success 
  • Lucky if i get a chance to attend my fav8 brand unveiling event☹️☹️
  • Hello 
    I have gifted Nokia phone to my dad recently. 
    I am quite impressed by it's performance. What I liked most is that he has started enjoying the phone and it's features. 
    UX is good and really easy to understand. Microinteractions are smooth.  :) 
    Below is the image shot on Nokia 5.1 plus
  • Hi Juho,

    I am big fan of Nokia mobile , I am currently using Nokia 7+ great build quality, good experience with Android 1 , I have also use e7 for last 7 to 8 year can you give new avtaar for e7 with Android  Nokia brings back a lot of memories for me I love Nokia 
  • I'm using Nokia phone since my opening day in using mobile.my first phone was Nokia 1110 then 5210,N 72 & last one was C203 before it was sold to microsoft.I was eagerly dreaming for the revival of Nokia & my that dream has come true with the hand of HMD.In Indian sub-continent,Nokia,it was meant mobile phone.So,it has great brand value in this sub-continent as well as great confidence on Nokia for its quality & durability.the Day when I at first knew that Nokia is coming with the hand of HMD,I promised myself to use Nokia again & I have kept my promise by purchasing Nokia-6.I hope HMD,will try to maintain Nokia' past reputation with using more sophisticated technology & features.In the past,Nokia hadn't so much competitor none but samsung.But present situation is completely different,now it has to compete with some 2nd grade chinese smart phones like OPPO,VIVO,Xiomi,One Plus let alone first grade Samsung,Apple & Huawei.
  • Fan of Nokia phones and there services hopefully see you in dubai sir!!!!!
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    Hello Juho sir, this is Shahid from India, I started my life in mobile world with my Papa's classic Nokia phone then as I grew up I upgrade it with Nokia Asha and that time this is was the most affordable & most famous smart phone and I loved it then as well as the things more smart I updated it with Nokia Lumia and that was an amazing experience to live my life with that fine piece of art now after 3 years of it, I am having a Nokia 6.1 plus which is an amazing combination of software and hardware, I love this phone ! And in these years I became a huge fan of Nokia, Nokia is not just a brand name it's name became the name of trust. It really amazes me in all these years how this brand is keeping this trust as its preority in its products, this is not just a compliment, it's a feeling that lives in all of us. Your products with this trust & perfection matters us a lot and this really stands out Nokia products. And by the way this event, I am so excited for it. I watch all the events of Nokia live and your products really impresses us a lot. This event would be so exciting to see how new Nokia phones are gonna take this to the next level !
    Good luck Nokia
  • It's just like my Papa's first 1100 phone but way better than that with much more sentiments . I have a Nokia 6.1 plus along with a Nokia 220 phone . Life could not be more easier than that. Also my Papa's trust in this brand . We also had the legendary Nokia N72 along with us. That's just Nokia does i.e. CONNECTING PEOPLE 
  • Dear Mr Juho Sarvikas our Chief Product Officer, and the beloved Board of Directors. I greet You. My name is Sam Mutebi, a NOKIA lover and supporter in Uganda, East Africa. I have been using Nokia phones for more than a decade. From the Iconic 3310, currently with my beloved Nokia 3, and yearning for Nokia 3.1 Plus; the Bigger, Better and Best Budget Friendly. I love Nokia because is the only Company that listens, cares and cater for all fans: from Entry-level, Mid-range to High-end users, thanks for the good heart. I love you HMD Global, and thank you for refreshing our Brand. Nokia is in deep inside my heart. I am Sam Mutebi, a die hard NOKIA lover.  
  • Hello,

    I am from India, have been a loyal and diehard fan of Nokia phones and Network solutions. Out of passion for Nokia brand, I still have Nokia phones like 5110, 3310, N70, N90, 8810 titanium, Lumia 920, 1020, 1520 and currently use Nokia 6.

    All the best Nokia, regain the top spot once u held!
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