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  • Hello there . Started with C2-03 then x2 then n72 then asha 310 and now 7 plus. 
  • Hello Nokia. im one of nokia users in Indonesia, i have nokia 3 here  :D:D
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    I used to dream of owning a Nokia N70 as a kid, now I rock a Nokia 7 plus! HMDs winning formula of solid hardware with a pure Android experience as intended by Google has won me and millions of others over.
  • Hello Nokia :)
    You have beeN  a shiNing star siNce the geNesis of mobile phones. Proud to have a Nokia phone B)
  • Hello i am Sourav banik
  • Hello there and Good day to all! The much awaited Nokia event has finally been announced for 5th December at Dubai. Three new exciting devices to be announced soon. I'm really happy by the fact that Nokia, the most trusted brand by users in its field has made a come back after much awaiting. Very much excited for the upcoming event!
  • I am Christian from Romania,and the word phone is similar with Nokia for me! keep it going!
  • Its not about the technology, it's what you do with it! Nokia is true to this motto even today.. love being a part of the community..big fan
  • Hello Nokia you are my first  and last love, I always with you in your good time with nokia3315,6610,5230,in your struggling time with Lumia 710,720and now your new journey with Nokia 8,time changes but my trust or love not changes, because your main Moto is connecting people,durability and my Moto in life is never leave afriend in there struggling or bad time ,I always with you Nokia ,love you all.
  • Iam satisfied Nokia X6 
  • I'm really Love Nokia , I'm using Nokia 6.1 plus I have recently get android pie update it very nice 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍
  • Nokia  is real phoenix. Let's make Nokia great again 👍.
  • Hi. Its nice opportunity for Nokiaties. Good for loyal Nokians. I am very excited. For me Nokia was my first handset and using Nokia since 2001. My first handset was nokia 3310 (2001 to 2005). Then nokia 6600( Black) during 2005 to 2007. Then uses Nokia 6500s Slider ( Feb 2007 to Dec 2013) . From Dec 2013 to aug 2018 Nokia Lumia 720. And from Aug 2018 using Nokia 6.1 Plus. Completely in love with Nokia. Feels proud owner of Nokia mobiles. Still having all these mobile.  :)
  • Hello team Nokia,
    I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours and i hope you carry on the legacy of brand Nokia going forward, which you have stood true untill now in these two years. Keep them coming!

    Kunal Patil
  • Hi there! My name is Damien.

    I was always a big fan of the classic Nokia phones, because I thought their Design was so iconic and the Snake game is of course a classic! I have always wondered why Nokia never made Android phones, but now that they do, I can call myself a very big fan, thanks to the great Nokia 7 Plus! I hope that in the future, we will see Nokia become a leader in the industry again, surprising us, with unique designs and features, for all of to enjoy with the known sturdyness and ease of use , we have all come to known from Nokia.

    Just wanted to leave this here :)
  • Hello, I am a big fan of Nokia since Nokia 6610 in 2006(my first phone). Just one request, Please don't put Snapdragon 945 in Nokia 9. It is touted to be one of the greatest innovation in mobile history. So, please use any latest processors so that no one would get a chance to complain. 

    Thank You
  • Hello! This is chinna from India, one of the many proud Nokia 6 users. 
    Firstly, great to have you on the forum, Mr Juho! Nokia has become my lifeline since 2017: Blog, Nokia groups, some Android development stuff for Nokia and more... 
    I hope I can join HMD Global someday 😁
    Literally, my feet won't touch the ground if I get selected 😇

  • Dear Mr Juho Sarvikas our Chief Product Officer, and the beloved Board of Directors. I greet You. My name is Sam Mutebi, a NOKIA lover and supporter in Uganda, East Africa. I have been using Nokia phones for more than a decade. From the Iconic 3310, currently with my beloved Nokia 3, and yearning for Nokia 3.1 Plus; the Bigger, Better and Best Budget Friendly. I love Nokia because is the only Company that listens, cares and cater for all fans: from Entry-level, Mid-range to High-end users, thanks for the good heart. I love you HMD Global, and thank you for refreshing our Brand. Nokia is in deep inside my heart. I am Sam Mutebi, a die hard NOKIA lover.  
  • Hi juho sir am big fan of Nokia mobiles from my childhood, am using Nokia 7 plus I loved your phones now am waiting for Nokia x7, Thank you sir for your are giving good and best phones to our country sir. Glad to be a part of the Nokia family. Thank you sir.
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    Hello! Avid Nokia fan here. Never left Nokia ever since started using it. Nokia 5233, C6, Lumia 625, Lumia 640, 6 and now on a 7plus. Please Take me take me Take me! 😍😍😍😍
  • Hello @juho Nokia is best. Nokia was my first phone. Now I am not using one but willing to buy one in coming years.
  • Hello, My name is Christian and I from Perú. This is my firts nokia mobile
    Nokia 5200, beautiful.
  • The all new Nokia great comeback.. thanks to hmd global oyyyy...
    Juhoo place me beside you with the new Nokia phone
  • Why can't you launch phones in India.
    It is the 2 largest most usage mobiles India.......
  • Hello all, 
    I love the way that HMD Global has brought the Nokia brand back to life with great looking phones and of Android ONE.   I am the proud owner of the Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 71.
  • I has been an huge fan from the N series era since today, i enjoined deeply the N95 ( great phone), N80, N85 N86, N91, N97, N9...right now i have the Nokia 8+ Nokia 7 Plus.. I think that i´ll be  a loyal fan from Nokia forever! I want to see the return of Nokia to the High - End league , i´m have full confidence that the company has all tools for to make the best phone on the market.... so... Nokia...  rise up !!!!
  • Hello !
  • Hello, I’m Vino in Indonesia. Been a Nokia fan since I was in elementary school, now I’m in College already. Even though it’s hard for me, but I need to say goodbye from Nokia when they decided to use Windows Phone. Since it lacks a lot of apps that I need. But now with wonderful Android apps ecosystem and how amazingly stock experience that Nokia provide with their new phones, not to mention how Nokia phones getting updated as fast as the Pixel. I’m 100% Nokia bandwagon again. Just need you guys to sell a flagship phone or upper mid range phone in my country and I’m all yours 👍🏼

    I hope I can come to your unveiling event in Dubai. If I am, it will be my first phone launch event ever. IT WILL BE AWESOME!! 

    Thank you for connecting me with other people these past years, Nokia
  • Hello, it's me you looking for !! A smart guy like me made a smart decision to go for a smartphone from NOKIA !! I am a proud user of Nokia 7 Plus and got many others to buy Nokia smartphones. They are the best - superb hardware with trendy looks and Android One. What a terrific combination 😊😊 The Nokia keeps going on & on thru the day, I have forgotten what a power bank looks like. And the camera with Zeiss optics takes spectacular pictures & videos. Thank you Nokia for coming back with such a big bang. Keep surprising us  👍👍
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