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Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event


  • Здравствуйте! У меня было много разных телефонов, и я решил для себя что на Nokia я могу положиться. Спасибо команде Nokia!
  • مرحبا..اشرف من تونس من عشاق الضخم نوكيا
  • Till now I just used Nokia. And right now using Nokia 7 plus
  • hi...iam taqi from iraq...22 years old...i spend my childhood with nokia phons and i very happy becuse its come back...and waiting for nokia 9 😋
  • Hello I am from india and I am big supporter for nokia because this brand is my love and I am also prefer to people to buy nokia smart phone
  • Jayandhan Jayandhan
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    🤗 Hi
    The best thing about Nokia is it's quality and thanks for refilling that void🙂
  • From Nokia 1110 to Nokia 8 is a journey from childhood to a Man
    HI JOHU!
  • dhana raju dhana raju
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    Hai... ILOVE NOKIA
  • I personally grew up with everyone around me I knew were using Nokia and that really made me addicted to Nokia today it's made me connected to many more people around me seeing Nokia was joy for me cause Nokia is never a boring phone never!  Nokia is a bae
  • Nokia brings joy!
  • pat_89 pat_89
    Hi Juho! Hope you had a good day.  I'm a real Nokia fan! I've never had other phones than Nokia :-) I grew up with Nokia. My first phone was a Nokia 3310. After that I had a 3200 where you where able to make your own designed cover. Followed with Nokia 6280. Was really proud to have it. It made really good pictures for that time. The next phone was a business phone called N900. It also was a really good phone and I liked to write with the secondary keypad. After that I bought my Lumia 1520 which is still alive after 5 years of use. Now I'm waiting on the Nokia 9. Hope it will be my next Nokia with a really good performance :-) Greeting from beautiful Austria
  • Hello guys I'm simply the biggest Nokia fan in Lebanon ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hello Nokia !!!

  • Hi all I am Tamaraebi a young ijaw man from Nigeria not been a fan of Nokia until they started producing Android phones so I got the Nokia N3 and it's a sight to behold looking to get a higher Nokia phone though as far as it's andrioa 
  • wudragon wudragon
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    So sad :'(:'(:'( no message received
  • Hello Im jerick from Philippines.. I've been using Nokia since I'm 10years old.. And I'm happy to say that Nokia the best since then and no one can beat them hahahah
  • Ataif Ali Ataif Ali
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    My family always use the Nokia mobile phones but
     Nokia is nokia
  • Hello juho  I am a big fan of Nokia 
    I am using Nokia 5 

  • Hello Everyone My name is Anvesh Thakur I am from India huge Nokia fan and excited for upcoming devices My first Nokia device was Nokia 2626 and currently I am using Nokia 5.1 plus as always Nokia never gave me a chance to complain about anything 
  • #Nokia Covering In Indian Market I so happy Because I Also like Nokia Mobiles
  • Hello and good day to you all! I'M from Pakistan NOKIA make me realize the level of brand and also bring back a lot of memories when I was in the University of Punjab Lahore was an 3210 and 3310 etc. Currently, have an 8 Sirocco.
  • Hello sir I usinh Nokia 3. This phone is basic phone but in this phone main issue is their battery life. Please Nokia in your next upcoming smartphone improve battery. When i happy with Nokia.
  • Hello.. im Victor from indonesia.i buy nokia again after my last nokia phone 15 years ago.i decide to buy nokia again because the material of nokia 6 is good and ofcourse the design as well and also the 24 hours customer service via nokia support app.im very happy to be nokia owner again.keep up on good work nokia.:)
  • Hii I am from India & i am a big fan of Nokia smartphone , I love the experience of atock android , it is clean ,fast & easy to use . Build quality of Nokia phones is always superb . 
  • yeah! its its  a long ride from that old phone which is more durable than brick to the latest beautiful smartphone. I bought 6 nokia phones for my family before 2014 but then i sidelined this company after my exprience from asha aand lumia series. i thought that in the new world of smartphone these devices are dead But the company had made a nice comeback. Cureently i am very happy from my exprience of nokia 6.1 plus
  • Hello 
    I m being using nokia phone from 4 years and have a great experience with it
  • Hello
  • Vivek Singh Vivek Singh
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    Hi Juho! Myself Vivek from India. I am very loyal user of Nokia phones ,my first device is Nokia 3310 then Nokia 1600,1650,N73,Nokia Lumia 730 and now I am using my first android Nokia phone i.e Nokia 6.1 plus which is amazing phone from Nokia brand.
    Thank You
  • Hello Nokia.

    I love the mobile Nokia 6.1+ features,excellent mobile.

    Thank you Nokia.
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