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  • Hi sir and how are u
  • am in love ❤ with Nokia wow
  • Hello, #Dubai calling
  • I love Nokia
  • Nokia the best powerful and biggest company in the world.
    HMD Global is doing well,
    At budget price a smartphone with android one, very well specifications, and a tough built quality with beautiful design, HMD is doing well as Nokia had done in past years,
    Very well...
    Best of luck to Nokia & HMD Global & thank you for giving us a solid beautiful designed smartphones....
    NOKIA 8 user, UZAIR AHMED.....
    THANK YOU....
  • Hello Nokia, I'm from Algeria and I'm big fan since the Nokia 3310,1100, N70, N95 & N8 and now The 7Plus, I hope nokia revive the N series with its glory. Again thanks nokia for coming back. 
  • Hello , i i am a big fan from Egypt and i'd like to attend this event 
  • Здравствуйте, я искренне люблю и уважаю бренд Nokia, так как он в мире такой один, вы не просто большая транснациональная корпорация, вы уже легенда, именно поэтому я уже более 10 лет с вами, и являюсь искренним вашим фонатом, первый мой телефон был Nokia 6230i, потом я перешел на легендарную N - series, с N70 на борту, потом у меня были N73, N82, N86, и последний аппарат на удивительной symbian N8, теперь настали уже совсем другие времена, и у меня снова в руках, Nokia 6 и Nokia 8, теперь уже на android (PS: Nokia снова вернулась, чтобы вновь соединять людей)
  • Ola! Fiquei muito feliz em voltar a usar Nokia. Estou muito satisfeito!
  • Hello, greetings from India...its like a buddy using Nokia phone since my childhood.... we started from Nokia 1100 then 1600 then 5130, 6100 and now 6.1plus ... Looking forward to present my children the same brand phone... Because Nokia it's conneticon people.......🤝
  • ignatius mipando
    edited November 2018
    Hello Nokia fans. Ignatius from Zambia and I've loved Nokia phones since I bought my first Nokia C2-01 way back in 2012 because of there durability and great canecas. Now using a Nokia 5. And waiting for new phones hopefully with amoled displays.
  • Hello Juho Sir,

              I have a good experience with Nokia Phones. My first phone is Nokia 1208, when I am a school student. I am a big fan of Nokia Phones. I used Nokia 1208,105,206,5110,6700s, Lumia, Nokia 2,3,5 and now I have Nokia 8. I thanks to Nokia team for giving a great quality in Mobile phones.
  • Hello Juho, 
    I have been a follower of the Nokia since my first 3210. Great phones and as the tech has progressed the phones have just got better and better. 
  • Hello!! :):)
  • hello Nokia welcome back you already replaced 3 devices in my house love each of your phone keep rocking

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  • Nokia is love 😘
  • Hello Juvo....
  • Wassup. Greetings from Nairobi

  • juho said:

    UPDATE: Thanks all for the overwhelming number of responses to our first contest. We’re reviewing all the entries and will be in touch with the winners soon. Stay tuned!

    Hi guys,

    Juho here.

    When we started less than 2 years ago, we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality and design values while bringing you the best Android experience on the market.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, we decided it was time to pay it forward to our fans!

    That’s why we we’d like you to join us in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Participating is easy: You just have to reply below, and introduce yourselves. A simple hello is fine as well! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling!

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Juho Sarvikas
    Chief Product Officer,
    HMD Global - Home of Nokia Phones
    Hello, missed nokia for years. I won't say that i am a loyal person to nokia but always eyed for their return. Used Microsoft in the absence. I like the way of return with simple system. I think i want to advise is just develope own app like secure folder. Moreover, increase the durability and strength of device as i just broke the screen of nokia 7 plus. It fell from a short distance still the screen cracked. I remember asha502, which i still have drawer. What a legend that was fell 50 time on road but not a single crack.
    Best of luck nokia for future. Waiting for real gaint.
  • Hello.
    To whole Nokia family.
    I am very happy to see that announcement.
    I really love that Nokia come in market smash all company.
    Now I own a Nokia 5.1 plus and I really love that budget phone. My family also like Nokia our first phone was Nokia 2626 then 5130 then 7230 then 5233 then my brother bought Nokia 6 and then i anokia 5.1 plus.
    Love you all.
  • Hi there. Nokia 7 plus is the great form I ever use.
  • My first phone nokia 6.1plus excellent
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