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  • Hello, This is Abdul Sami from India.

    If we are talking about Nokia so i think easiest way to describe Nokia Smartphone just in some words  "As Always Simply Better".

    Hope Nokia provide us best of them indeed what we need time to time.

    Thank You.
    @Team Nokia.
  • Congratulations to all the winners. We can't wait to know the lucky winners
  • Hey juho .A big thank you to you and entire staff for bringing Nokia again in the market. I am from India and we love Nokia very much from the very beginning it's a fact .I wanna talk to developers and help them to grow nokia .we have certain missing function allow me to help. I'm a software engineer and I could help the developers team in an ease .
  • My first Nokia phone was a present from my parents. I had to purchase a cover for it since when it fell it left a crack in the ground. The one i have now want to take me to Dubai. What next team? The adventures continue!
  • Hola!! Thanks @nokia for selecting me to the Dubai trip .. Love u .. Thanks again
  • nessu said:
    Hola!! Thanks @nokia for selecting me to the Dubai trip .. Love u .. Thanks again
    Congratulations, Nessu!
  • Has anyone here got the message and won the prize?
  • nessu said:
    Hola!! Thanks @nokia for selecting me to the Dubai trip .. Love u .. Thanks again
    What was your message to juho? I couldn't find a single post in this thread respecting it. Kinda odd.
  • Hi Mr.Juho! I'm a big fan of Nokia phones. I'm using Nokia 8 and I'm Lovin it. That's all.
  • Hello Juho, I am a big fan of Nokia phones since N8 was revealed currently using Nokia 8. I will have my holiday trip in Dubai in the beginning of December 2018, could you please reply if I have any chance to visit a HMD event? Thank you in advance, I wish You and Nokia brand all the best!
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  • Привет всем, я из России. Мне очень нравятся телефоны nokia. На данный момент пользуюсь nokia 5.
  • Hello juho 
  • Helo😊
  • Hello, 
    I am Pankaj Mudgal from INDIA.
    I am a fan of nokia for there device's built Quality.
    The first mobile purchased by my family is nokia 3315. After that my brother purchased nokia 5130 xpress music. Now when its my time  to buy me a personal mobile phone, android is come into the market. So i just quit nokia and go with the sony xperia. I wish to buy a nokia device, but nokia is just going on with its old simbian OS, and i m not a blind follower of any company, at the same time if i get something less with a brand name which i trust i will go with it without any doughts but nokia is not developing any new OS to fight with android, and when its switch to Microsoft its something late and windows phones also not perform so well. And the brand nokia is started vanishing from market.
    At that time i am also thinking that why nokia is not going with android. But i thought that and have a belief in my deep heart that nokia is taking some steps back like a hunter before hunting. And finally HMD change my belief into believe. And its time for me to buy my new smartphone with my own earning and i purchased NOKIA 7 PLUS.

    Without any doughts it is a great device but nothing is perfect it also have some Drawbacks by doing some more efforts we will able to make devices very much nearly to the perfect that the drwabacks are not noticable to a customer.
    I am not a youtuber, not a gadget reviewer, not a software or hardware expert but i am a consumer and i know what a consumer wants from its product.
    I really want to be a little helping hand to nokia in improving their products, if you think that i can be halping hand, then its great pleasure for me.
    Contact me on my email ID 
    [email protected]

    Thank you
  • Good afternoon (that's what the time says in my home country. On a scale of 1-10, Nokia products are somewhere around 8.5 which is excellent but there is room for improvement. Am glad to have experienced using your product, it's quite durable.
  • Hello World. Serbia calling.
  • nessu said:
    Hola!! Thanks @nokia for selecting me to the Dubai trip .. Love u .. Thanks again
    Congratulations, Nessu!
    Didn't find any previous post from Nessu. Somewhat does not make any sense.
  • English: Please choose me, I want it so bad. Thank you!
    Bahasa Indonesia: Tolong pilih saya, saya sangat menginginkannya. Terima kasih!
    Spanish: Por favor elíjeme, lo quiero tanto. ¡Gracias!
    French: S'il te plaît, choisis-moi, je le veux tellement. Je vous remercie!
    Arabic: من فضلك أخترني ، أريدها سيئة للغاية. شكرا لكم!
    Chinese: 請選擇我,我希望它如此糟糕。 謝謝!
    Portuguese: Por favor me escolha, eu quero tanto. Obrigado!
    Hindi: कृपया मुझे चुनें, मुझे यह बहुत बुरा चाहिए। धन्यवाद!
    Thai: โปรดเลือกฉันฉันต้องการมันไม่ดี ขอบคุณ!
    Russian: Пожалуйста, выберите меня, я хочу, чтобы это было так плохо. Спасибо!
    Korean: 나를 선택해주세요, 너무 좋아. 고맙습니다!
    Japanese: 私を選んでください、それはとても悪いです。 ありがとうございました!
    Italian: Per favore, scegli me, lo voglio così male. Grazie!
    Dutch: Kies alstublieft mij, ik wil het zo graag. Dank je!
    German: Bitte wählen Sie mich aus, ich will es so sehr. Vielen Dank!
    Greek: Παρακαλώ επιλέξτε με, θέλω τόσο άσχημα. Ευχαριστώ!
    Afrikaans: Kies asseblief my, ek wil dit so sleg hê. Dankie!
    Filipino: Pakipili ako, gusto kong masama ito. Salamat!

    18 languages to represent the year of 2018 and my eagerness to be chosen as one of the lucky community enthusiasts of Nokia!

    My family and I have always been a great fan of Nokia since the day 1 we owned a Nokia 3315 and used to own many series all the way up to the Lumia series. My own 3110c is even still fully functional until today, marking a decade of its age! Testament to the great great Nokia legendary build quality.

    Since my childhood, I have always been obsessed to work with Nokia team, especially as the brand promoter, especially now as I see it getting more important to resurrect the Nokia, so let's Make Nokia Great Again! Thanks Nokia to have always been Connecting People! It has always been a wonderful and joyful experience to have you aboard our family plane journey!
  • juho said:

    UPDATE: Thanks all for the overwhelming number of responses to our first contest. We’re reviewing all the entries and will be in touch with the winners soon. Stay tuned!

    Hi guys,

    Juho here.

    When we started less than 2 years ago, we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality and design values while bringing you the best Android experience on the market.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, we decided it was time to pay it forward to our fans!

    That’s why we we’d like you to join us in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Participating is easy: You just have to reply below, and introduce yourselves. A simple hello is fine as well! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling!

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Juho Sarvikas
    Chief Product Officer,
    HMD Global - Home of Nokia Phones
    Hey" Juho❤️..... I'm Ahmad Jalal and I'm a big fan of Nokia Phones(Pure,Secure&up to date)
    This is my truly dream to enter such an big event of Nokia (in which i can see you and your products more closely)❤️
    Hello juho my self happy  feeling with nokia 6.1 plus
    Simply best!
  • Hello 
    am big fan of nokia
  • Very good come back... Nokia 6.1 plus is too good and i have suggesting to buy a nokia phones..bec of quality.. Nokia means Quality...

  • Hi  ;) 
  • Hello Juho!
  • I've been a long time Nokia fan ever since the days of my first mobile phone the Nokia N96. My passion followed through Symbian 3, Meego Harmattan, Windows Phone, and of course to HMD Global where I now happily rock a Nokia 8 Sirocco.

    Following Nokia closely has been a passion of mine throughout this time. I met members of the UK team in the offices in Kingdom Street Paddington in the UK and have attended any events I can get into like the Lumia Champion meet up events and most recently the launch of the Nokia 7.1 in the UK. I invested in Nokia through an ISA during their low in 2012 and saw upside when corp rebounded as they transitioned fully into one of the biggest network companies in the world. 

    Nokia has always been one of the most human centric companies out there and has one of the richest histories and cultures of any company being founded in 1865. I've always been enchanted by the sisu and resilience that has led Nokia to where it is today. I've read as many books I can about Nokia and have just ordered Risto's new book. Further to that I have a large collection of Nokia devices and paraphernalia ranging from rubber boots, phones, tablets, prototypes, shop signs, and merchandise. Attached a picture of a small part of my collection.

    Over the years I've switched many of my friends and family to Nokia devices and helped evangelise their products. I even had two blogs online 'Matt The Nokia Guy' https://mattthenokiaguy.com/ and 'The Lumia Guy' https://thelumiaguy.com/. I've also staunchly defended Nokia on other websites through Disqus and the likes https://disqus.com/by/matttypaul/.

    It really would be a dream come true to get to go to this global launch event. I always regretted not being able to attend Nokia World when it was in London for a couple of years.

  • Please tell me the memory size of Nokia 2.1 Rom size .how do I check for memory size

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