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  • hi i am from the netherlands and own a 7 plus and a nokia 8 ...the best thing of nokia is the android  one software .....glad i am a member
  • Somewhere between Nokia 101 and Nokia 6.1 plus we all grew up. Nokia <3
  • Hello everyone,
    I am sandeep sagar from nokia's fan base
  • My first phone ever was Nokia 6100 in 1991 and have continued with Nokia since after having now Nokia 6... 
  • gargi desai
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    juho said:

    Hi guys,

    Juho here.

    When we started less than 2 years ago, we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality and design values while bringing you the best Android experience on the market.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, we decided it was time to pay it forward to our fans!

    That’s why we we’d like you to join us in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Participating is easy: You just have to reply below, and introduce yourselves. A simple hello is fine as well! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling!

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Juho Sarvikas
    Chief Product Officer,
    HMD Global - Home of Nokia Phones
    Hi, myself Gargi Desai and I'm from India. Personally I'm quite the admirer of Nokia right from it's beginning. My mom would be the biggest fan of Nokia' s handsets. She had Nokia 1100 handset and she enjoyed using it thoroughly I can say. I loved playing snakes game too. She called it "superman" of all the mobiles. You won't believe but the handset is still with her ,although it's not working now(Image is attached). Next she was crazy about Nokia 6600 and its still one of her favorite in the list. The next handset she took was Nokia X7, the sliding phone, bought from Dubai, which I personally got to use and was gifted to me.I loved that mobile too.I have also used Nokia Lumia back then. The tech Nokia has evolved from is prominent. It's her birthday today and as a gift I was planning to give her Nokia 6.1 but I'm eagerly waiting for next one to gift her.I really hope to bolster Nokia community and attend the event at Dubai! Last but not least, thank you for such wonderful inception and experience to the mobile industry.
  • Father is back 
  • Nokia phones are best mobile phones and every one loves nokia brand childrens and youngers and old persons are used only nokia mobiles that is the power of nokia 
  • Pls do aggressive price in premium segment phones :) this method help to our sales increase and 1st place in that segment 
  • Hello from the Philippines! Planning to buy a new phone, and I'm looking forward to what  Nokia's upcoming phones can offer.
  • Howdy! I'm Ahmed, recently graduated with a lot of power inside. Looking for new adventures and I'd be honored to join your team on one!
  • Hi JUHO, wassup😂 😂  I'm a big fan of NOKIA earlier,not only a fan but also an user but not now😡 😡  because NOKIA not getting mobile that value for money.....I got hurt 😡 
  • Hello! Im Marvin here from Philippines one of the big fan of nokia ever since. I loved Nokia forever!!
  • Hello dear community !!
    May NOKIA rise above again. Getting the right path. 
  • i am mad for nokia...........😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍i love nokia i just want atleast once to come and join Nokia family 

  • Bonjour Nokia.............this is your little disciple from india :wink:
  • OH YES - Nokia phone was my first (still have my orange 5.1 (2140)) Love them and my Nokia highlight was taking part in the 1020 future capture hackathon back in 2013.  
  • Hey juho and all.... This is Bhanu Pratap... Admire the effort to bring community together or in Nokia's words..." Connecting people". I hope for the better things to come to your team and to the people. Cheers have a fun launch, waiting..
  • Hello there!
    Love from Mumbai.
  • hello i am tharun big fan of nokia at first when you released later i got so many disappointment on it releases lately and build quality but some minor issues .so plz  make it better 
  • Bala from Canada. Phone Geek and Senior Project Team Mate of Varun Krishnan of Fonearena. 
  • Hi Joho, Thank you for providing opportunity to the peoples to connecting again.
  • Hi sir i like noika phones Nokia is king of phones
  • Hello Mr. CPO,
    Glad to interact.
    I was one of the CONNECTED PEOPLE with Nokia 3500c, now Iam mesmerizing with the Metamorphosis of NOKIA upgrading us. Thanks a lot in advance.. No more words.
    Kudos Nokia team.
  • timoo
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    Hi, I’m Timo from Finland. Have been Nokia phones user since first Mobira (heavy) carphones from 1986! 
  • ch gopi nath reddy
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    Hi Iam Gopi from India ...iam a die heart  fan of Nokia...I used more than 3 Nokia mobiles Nokia c203,Nokia X2,Nokia xl and finally nokia 6.1plus i loosed by Nokia X2 😔...and my brother asked me to give him a  mobile ...I did not gaved to him 😂... And I don't loose Nokia any way...😍😍
  • Hi Mr Nokia
    Before you are connecting people... And due to some reasons you left from us.. and hope you connect with us forever...🤘🏼
    My 1st phone is Nokia 7610 I still like it..
    Thanks any way... keep smiling 🤗😁
  • mbsjr
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    Hello, my name is Marcelo, i'm from Brazil. My First contact with Nokia phone are in early 2000's with the 3310 series with Oi Telecom Brand. I'm so excited to return and arrival of Nokia Android Phones to Brazilian/South American Market (my last Nokia was the Lumia 730). I always dream with this moment since rumors in 2015, i made a presentation about this company on my graduation. And I still hope to work one day at Nokia. I Hope to Win this contest too, its a single opportunity. But If i cant Win, i still be a huge Nokia Fan in my city.
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