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  • hello juho
  • Hello Nokia synonym for the word trust. When I used Nokia Symbian smartphone and so call java smartphones... I got to know why nokia is legend.. I was eagarly waiting nokia to return.. now proudly i can say I owns a noka 6.1,my dad owns Nokia 5,my brother owns a nokia7+,mom owns a Nokia feature phone... Now that's called perfect family..
  • Nokia is my passion. Quality is the nickname of Nokia. Love Nokia 5.1 Plus
  • Hello, i would like to thank you for everything. I've always been a huge fan of Nokia phones, my first phone was a Nokia 2610 13 years ago, after that i used a Nokia XpressMusic 5310 for 4 years than I joined into the Lumia franchise and i had 2 Nokia windows phones, a Lumia 520 and a Lumia 735, i loved both and i used them for 2+2 years, after them Nokia joined the Android line and i dedecided to switch to an Android Nokia phone, I bought the Nokia 5 right after it was available in hungary and i loved it, it was fast and very good looking i used it for 1,5 year, than i decided to get a faster, stronger phone, so i bought a Nokia 8 1-2 month ago, i love this phone, its super fast, super strong and the 2k display resolution is amazing, and of course the double lense zeiss camera at the back is very good as well, i see more potential in this phone what it can do now, but i would not switch to any other brands for everything. I love Nokia forever.
  • hello juho sir. I wanted to see a globle event of our nokia. Nokia make me proud and happy being a part of nokia family . Nokia 7 plus rocks 
  • Same here I sold my One plus 5 to get Nokia 8. Though I know camera is not good as like one plus and there is also not dash charge but the Name is there Nokia.
    The Nokia logo on right upper corner Of my Nokia 8 remind me of Nokia Cyan which I want to buy but never came to India.
  • plz make a app of community where we discuss our problem and get solution. 
  • Hello juho , Ajay sir and all nokia team members i will be overwhelmed if i wil get a chance to visit the next event of nokia phone and i will keep buying new nokia as i am big fan of it and i just bought nokia 105 for myself and nokia 6.1 , and nokia 5.1plus for my brother we both are enjoying new nokia and i have waited for too long for android nokia as my last nokia was lumia 730.
  • spulci
    spulci ✭✭✭
    Nokia was my first phone choice with 7110 GSM phone years ago. Proud to see your comeback in the Android Arena I'm now an owner of a Nokia 7 plus. In my family there's also a Nokia 3.1 e Nokia 150 feature phone...can't forget also my Lumia 920, 640XL and 950XL.....

    Keep innovate and leading quality and craftmanship concept that is inside every Nokia phone, from budget to top line ones.

    Proud to be your customer now and in the future!

    Connecting people keeping up the good work!

  • abbas
    abbas ✭✭✭
    It's me, Abbas. Greetings from sunny Malaysia. (Knowledge) Sharing is caring that's why I created this Nokia 8110 4G page.
  • Hello Juho, Myself Vishal from India Connecting with you & Connecting People.
  • Greetings Sir, 
    I run on a nokia 7 plus device
    And it has really good camera 
    And the pictures clicked with are stunning
    I have been a nokia fan ,since a small kid
    The best point about Nokia is its pure OS ,uptodate ,and secure , and its a best value for money
    And tue main selling point of N7+ is that , amazing battery life , amazing camera , and crisp display
  • wyk
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    edited November 2018
    Its like a fantastic journey to me to be a loyal customer of Nokia 7 series all time ....Nokia Lumia 710, 720, 730 & now Nokia 7 Plus. Finger crossed for more awesome sexy build quality & stunning performance.
    Only one request ..please introduce a dedicated @Zeiss Camera team for continuous Improvement.
  • Hi, I m Aaditya from India. I wish Nokia to became no. 1 brand once again in India. I have Nokia 6 (2017) model 1st model..I love it. Hope to see more .in Dubai. 
  • Hello Nokia,

    I just want to say that, you guys are doing a great job with the Nokia brand. You're the only ones committed to pure stock Android in the market. That means a lot to stock Android users like me. I feel at home after getting the Nokia 8 (used to have a Nexus 5). I know the enthusiast community is comparitively much smaller than average consumers. But we're perhaps most vocal. So..Two things, you guys need to do better in cam software and you need to unify the software updates (a lot of people don't get updates for a long time due to model numbers). Perhaps you can allow bootloader unlocking too? That would be great.

    I love Nokia as a brand and I've been a user since I was 4 yrs old. I don't want an invite. But here's wishing you guys work on those issues and do much better next year. Have a year full of great devices ahead! :)
  • Hello...... Waiting for Nokia 8.1 😍
  • Hello Juho, Myself Vishal from India Connecting with you & Connecting People.
  • Hello Juho,
    Hope you pick this up to meet an awesome person 🤪
  • Hello!
    I go way back with Nokia to the days of the 6305i slider phone.  Loved it! More recently the Lumia Icon.  Loved it more!  Need one for Android US.
  • Hi juho, Im so stoked about the December event! I'm a Nokia fan and user  myself. I use the Nokia 5 (2017) and it's the best phone I've ever owned! My first and last phones have been Nokia's as well! Lol
  • Hello! I am Vattsal Singhal from India and greatly appreciate the work of HMD team in recent times. I have been a Nokia Fan so I owned Nokia 7 Plus and it was an amazing experience. I am a Tech Youtuber and I own channel "VSTech". I am keenly interested in attending the event in Dubai and meet you Juho! Looking forward for positive results.
  • Hi there! I'm Jack from Hong Kong. Nokia is with me over 10 years. My first Nokia phone was Nokia 6120 Classic. And now, Nokia 8 Sirocco is one of my daily driver. They have same characteristics: durable, reliable and user-friendly design. It's a legend that Nokia phones are still keeping the best quality across all form factors and price ranges. Nokia, you are the best brand I have been using in my life. Thank you without doubts.  <3
  • hello from new Zealand. I'm a Nokia 5 user
  • Hello Everyone,

    I just realized that I have been a part of the Nokia community for just over a year already. I love helping out fellow users and complaining to Nokia once in a while 😂. I hope Nokia understands all my complaining are just a constructive criticism to push Nokia to keep on evolving. And, I would like to wish all the luck to Nokia in their upcoming grand event in Dubai. And, of course best of luck to all the participants.  
  • Hello i am Jatin from India
    I love Nokia brand since my childhood
    I was so happy when Nokia returned to the market
    It was great to see such a legendary brand back in the market
    And i must say hmd is able to live up to the expectations of such a iconic brand
    Hmd is doing a brilliant job
    Nobody can take place of Nokia's legacy 🙂
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