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  • Hi sir. Actually my favourite phone is Nokia from my childhood. Nearly I used all the Nokia basic phones. But when Nokia launch windows phones I've feel somewhat of disappointment. Buy when I heard that Nokia is launching Android phones,then I feel very happy and I conclude that #MyBossIsBack
  • Hello Juho hope to see you at the event if I get picked 😊😊
  • Hello Juho
  • Hey, this will be a great opportunity. A trip to Dubai and a great photo trip with my 7 Plus
  •  ;) Good brand going any where go name follow the brand
  • Hey, Juho it is pleasure to use nokia as primary samrtphone, i am owner nokia 6.1 plus . I has been 3 month. Product work is extremely satisfying 😊. Thank you for this great device.
  • Sapphire Glass when??????
  • Hello from Belgium! Digital youngster here and all time user of Nokia (from my first, down to those Windows things, back to the strong Nokia brand)! Recently swaped my Nokia 6 for a new Nokia 7 Plus so my collection is getting big. 

    See you folks in the discussion rooms! 😎🎉
  • My first phone was a Nokia, so I was very excited when HMD brought the company back. My first HMD phone was the Nokia 8 and it has been an amazing phone over the last year. Just like the old Nokia phones the Nokia 8 is extremely well built, so much so I trust my toddler with it.
    I am a keen photographer so I am extremely excited about the rumours around the Nokia 9. It really sounds like my dream phone and camera.
    Keep up the good work HMD, I look forward to what you guys come up with in the future!
  • Hello!!!.......NOKIA.....This is Vijay Kumar Reddy
    Iam posting the comment just to try my luck...for the Dubai contest......
    Before that iam a fan of this Nokia before the origin of android.....
    I like the keypad Nokia mobiles
    Now a days the Nokia mobiles are worst...sorry to say this.....
    It's my opinion......
    Again iam saying iam trying my luck ....Bubye...

  • Huge fan of Nokia! Can't wait for the upcoming flagship!!!!
  • Hello juho ,I'm from India I love Nokia  mobile phones........
  • Nokia phones are  best in class.and value for money.one of the best built quality when compared to any other phones.
  • Nice to swe new upgraded Forum.

  •  ;) Good brand going any where good name follow 
  • thodsil
    thodsil ✭✭
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    Hello. I am vic from Indonesia. This is my new phone. I just move on from other brand because of build quality issue. I love old nokia phones.
  • nokia best friend of mine..
  • The struggle with snake, the connecting hands while switch on. That proud feel of holding it when father is in bath are the golden days...
    Thank you NOKIA
  • Hello everyone, i like Nokia phones. Having best build quality of NOKIA 6.1 plus. 
  • I am giving comment here not for dubai tour. Let see nokia is taking customers reviews. As a nokia lover I want to see nokia again top position. Plz upcoming models will be without notch and without glass bodies please. Will u see my comment or not I do not know. I have so many suggestions to nokia in mobiles. In design and in hardware also.
  • Hello Nokia,

    i know it’s a tough competition here and my luck is not that great at winning contest so I’m not posting for the trip but want to say the actual thing about the company HMD and Nokia, guys you joined hand together and rebuilt the worlds best mobile phones ever like from back 2 years now it make every proud Nokia owner to know that you guys are back and yes from 3310,1100,6600,ngage what not and till day Nokia 6.1plus omg what an achievement guys congrats and wish you many more luck and hope you climb all the ladders soon HMD Global I know how hard you would have worked to come up this strong great kudos HMD all the best wish would meet the HMD team one fine day.

    Nokia lover still own a 1100
  • Nokia is better than All Android mobiles
  • Hello, Juho Boss, Nokia is connecting people and now connecting us.

  • Hello from a Canadian fan, have been using Nokia since 1998 (Nokia 5110) and bought most of the flagships from 1998 to 2016.
    My last Nokia branded phone was Lumia 1520, now moved to iOS and been waiting for Nokia to bounce back. Waiting for the Unicorn Nokia 9 and I will come back.
  • Heck yeah. Nice looking forum software.
  • hello. london in the hizzy
  • I am a college going student up currently using a nokia 6.1plus and really feel truly satisfied with it really impressed by the built quality and overall package .I still want to know you guys that i was using Nokia 1600 up to last year .nokia lover🥰
  • Nokia best phone award
  • Ever since my Nokia N9 threw in the towel I've waited for Nokia to come back. Got the Nokia 8 as soon as it hit the market. Thank you for bringing Nokia back. Now waiting for the perfect successor for the legendary N9. 💕
  • Hello , Nokia ✌️
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