Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event



  • andr31
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    Hello Juho and the Nokia team, thanks for introducing the community.
    I was eager to register as it reminded me of Club Nokia of which I was an active participant and proud card carrying member!
    The Nokia 7 plus is awesome.
    Last month I changed the operator logo on a colleague's 8210 and was proud I still knew how!
    The new 8110 is my 4G modem whilst my wifi gets installed and I am thinking about cancelling the wifi it's that good.
    As you can see I am Nokia and Nokia is me.
    I'd love to join.
    All the best and keep being fantastic.
  • Iam also a big fan of Nokia the Nokia mobiles are too good and phone services and products quality are too good and time to time giving mobile updates and security patches and looking premium quality and designing cameras are too good it's a best brand of me and feel of mobile are too good and mading of mobile too good 
  • Nokia @best build quality
  • Hello! Just got invited to join the community today. Happy to be here! 
  • Hello
    Been Nokia user since long time
    From 6310 to 808 to 7plus
  • Greetings Juho, 

    I'm excited about the new fresh lineup of Nokia phones and other new products, the name is definitely an iconic name for many of us who have been around for all of the changes and evolution this industry has seen over the past decade. 
  • Hello 
    I do like the premium quality and design 
    Were am using the noki 7 plus its quick new experience for me,the zeiss system is nice 
    Camera UI is quite esye to take good photos
  • Hello Nokia and Nokia Community. Love your products and hope we can share alot through this community. Looking forward to more innovative technology from you. 
    Thank you 
    (connecting from Kenya!)
  • Hello,
    It's Akif Niaz from Kolkata, India
    To be honest I'm in no way social influencr but many a times I acted like one and influenced many people to buy new Nokia phones including my cousins to my uncle and to friends at last but not the least.
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  • juho said:

    Hi guys,

    Juho here.

    When we started less than 2 years ago, we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality and design values while bringing you the best Android experience on the market.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, we decided it was time to pay it forward to our fans!

    That’s why we we’d like you to join us in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Participating is easy: You just have to reply below, and introduce yourselves. A simple hello is fine as well! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling!

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Juho Sarvikas
    Chief Product Officer,
    HMD Global - Home of Nokia Phones
    Hi Juho, its Rahul from India, I really liked the Nokia7Plus, but one feature is still missing , i.e face unlock, please bring this on, I'm great fan of Nokia
  • Hi I’m Nihal a Nokia’s Kid
    I growed Up by playing Space Impact on 3310. I got my first phone On 2013 Nokia Asha 501. Then i got Nokia XL on 2015. Switched To Lumia 535. I gave it to my friend now. 

    I’ve completed my college till not graduated yet 😁. Now i dont have much jobs. I love nokia. I search Nokia products. I’m so excited the Comeback of Nokia. I’m free to visit UAE and i will be happy to be a part of Nokia Community
  • Hello!!. Mabuhay from Philippines!!
  • Hello.  I'm so happy that you guys are bringing so many new phones into the United States.  Keep up the GREAT work.
  • Hello, from the 3210 to the latest 7.1, I have used them all. Eagerly waiting for the 8.1 and 9 !! Keep the good work going. 
  • Hi Love from India . i am always supporting Nokia as it was the revolutionary phone at time and i really want it to see rule all over the world once again . 
  • bad mike
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    Hi the new forum would be even better if I were able to log in to it on Chrome on my Nokia 8 or a PC. The only thing that works for me is log in with MS Edge on a PC.

    If I win please use the money instead to develop a fix for the microphone issues that lots of us have endured with our Nokia 8 


    My first Nokia was a Nokia Mobira Cityman brick and I have been a loyal customer ever since including 3 different Windows phone Nokias but I am sad to say that if this issue is not resolved soon this will be my last ever Nokia. Support for a flagship phone needs to be much better than the dismal effort we have experienced.
  • Hello juho i am arham jain
  • user1542383165755
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    Hello, my name is Fihan. I am a Nokia user since I was in Junior High School. It's Nokia E63. I'm still using it as my secondary phone. I'm glad to get invitation to join the new Nokia Community. Keep up the good work, Nokia.
  • Hello Nicole sir
  • Hi. 
    I am from India. I am eagerly waiting for new Nokia mobile phones. I still have my first mobile phone Nokia 1108 (with white screen light :smile: )

  • bhardwaj1994
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    Hello, I m a big fan of Nokia since my first phone. But felt sad when Nokia stopped manufacturing phone. But now again its back and as soon as i heard of Nokia 6.1 Plus and seen it i just ordered it and now i m really happy with this phone. Thank You and Love You Nokia.
  • Hello juvo sir
  • Hi. My name is Gustavo Beltrán. I´m waiting for the strength to fight against the dark side. 
  • Nokia@BEST-BUILD-QUALITY @FAST-IN-UPDATES @BEST-IN-SERVICE. I am the one who use nokia phones from my school started with Nokia Asha 501, then Nokia 7 plus and now Nokia 6.1 plus only becuseb of the best user experience getting from these phones.
  • Hello, Nokia is the best ever.
  • Big fan of Nokia. Nokia making comeback was like a life jacket for a sinking man!
  • Hello from the Netherlands, happy user of a Nokia 8 & Nokia 7 plus, currently trying to convert the entire family to Nokia  
  • Hello
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