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  • Hello legendary Nokia, i'm from indonesia. Long time no see since my last gorgeous Nokia N900. And now here i am using Nokia 8, and i'm glad to see you guys, lovely company, shine again in this whole new level.
  • I know about my karma.giving a try still :p
  • Hi ,

    I. Am DURGA REVANTH from India ardent Nokia lover .
    Nokia is been on of the luckiest mobile in my life and the brand say that all and alive to the expectation .I waited for the comeback for 3 years and purchased my mobile after the release.

    Thank god now Nokia is in action with starts  Nokia 6.1 plus and regular updates that stands tall than the others .
    Love to have more Nokia phones and #waitingforNextNokiaPhone

    With love
    Nokia HardcoreFan
  • Hi, I am Ameerkk from Pakistan. I had been fond of Nokia phone since 2007. I use 3310, C5 and other Nokia phones.
    A little disconnection came as I switched to Android phones with other brands. But in June 2018, as I came to know about nokia 7plus, I bought it without thinking anymore. And I can say without any doubt that this is the best ever android phone I bought so far. Thank you Nokia for resuming your best trust again
  • I love nokia mobile phones. I have a large collection of most of nokia phone. I love nokia simplicity. It's programming, design, trust etc. In early days of my life i used nokia 1200, nokia 3310, nokia 3410, my parents used nokia7210 supernova. So my most of childhood passed surrounded by nokia products. I also used nokia lumia for 8-9 months. If I get chance i give my most possible effort to grow my nokia world more smoothly and faster.
  • Hello, I am a Nokia customer from Nokia 1100, then changed it to Sony Ericsson bt not comfortable with that then I buy e63 & it was awesome product bt then Nokia was disappointed me bt now I think Nokia is back in form. Kindly keep it up don't leave us😊
  • Hello, Fionn here from Ireland, on the Nokia 7 Plus with Pie!  :)
  • Hello I am from Tanzania Thank you for bringing back Nokia brand to life. Proud to say I been there from feature phone to symbian express music,then windows phone and now this companion,Nokia 8,quite impressive device.
  • Hello I am from Tanzania Thank you for bringing back Nokia brand to life. Proud to say I been there from feature phone to symbian express music,then windows phone and now this companion,Nokia 8,quite impressive device.
  • Hi... I'm using nokia since 1100 - - 3310 - - lumia 620 - - lumia 950 - - and  now nokia 6
  • Camera should have been more better. I moved from Apple iPhone to nokia. Very easy to use. Highly brilliant. Only thing that I am looking for enhancmeenh would be camera.
  • Hello juho...😊 A big of Nokia from India.
  • Hola soy Gustavo siempre tuve Nokia el primero que tuve y aún lo tengo el Nokia 1100 para mí el mejor de todos jamás se le acababa la batería así fui pasando por otros modelos de Nokia cómo el 5500 5700, E72, 6131, 2650, Asha 303, Lumia 640 entre otros y ahora tengo el Nokia 6 con android 9, Nokia siempre se caracterizó por la cámara y el sonido la verdad para mí los mejores equipos.
  • Greetings from the UK
    It was a breath of fresh air when HMD brought out Nokia phones based on Android. I thought I'd never get to use such a well engineered product again after my old Nokia N900 had finally given up the ghost! Love my Nokia 8 best phone I have used in several years.
  • nahid
    edited November 2018
    Hello everyone!
    I'm from Bangladesh. Been a loyal Nokia supporter, my first device I bought myself when I was in high school was a nokia 1200, then 3310 and then a 3410,when i was in college, have used nokia lumia 520 windows phone with sky drive! And now i am completeing my B.Sc. Engineering under Textile Engineering...I now own a Nokia  6.1 plus with the Android One goodness. Glad to be a part of the Nokia family. Can't wait to see what is in store for us.
  • Hello, hello, hello! Chris from the UK and I have had so many Nokias over the years.

    My favourites were the 9300 and 9500 Communicators and I hope 'New' Nokia will look at resurrecting these great devices!
  • Hello, Me an old user and Nokia being my friend since my 3rd standard using 1100 my favourite game used to be snake game which I used to play hours together..From there my journey started then my family used 5310, 1600,6270, N8, then comes the smartphone along with my 12th standard. I personally owned and continued our family legacy with Nokia lumia 620, then lumia 730, now being Nokia 7 plus. I can't thank and show my love towards Nokia in words that can only felt with heart. Thank you Nokia for making my life from a child to well grown up men you have been the same amazing thing. Awaiting for more and more giant friends(mobiles) to come up in future and make us proud of you:)
  • Hi, I'm an undisputed fan of Nokia My first phone Nokia 6.300
  • Eagerly waiting for the penta-camera setup <3 
  • Hi Juho. Have been Nokia fan and proud owner since I got my first Nokia 2110 in 1995. Now I am waiting for you to release my new 7.1 in Denmark. It will be my nokia no. 12. Can't wait. Will love to go to Dubai and say hello. BR LasGMaNN
  • As Salam o Alaikum, Baloch Mengal here, Love from all the way from Nushki Balochistan, Pakistan. 100% sure that i will get a ticket to Dubai, like i am always 100% sure after dropping my Nokia 7 Plus that it will be safe. And then i say, thank God i have got a Nokia. The best and the Beast! Other Selected Members See you at the Nokia event in dubai.
  • My first NOKIA was an N-GAGE QD and guys, it was something unreal at that time. A portable game console and a phone in one, no other company could think of the same at the time. And now, 15 years later, every company is making a phone for people to play on.
  • From my Mother Father and From Me to My Upcoming Young Ones Nokia is Our Family Phone Currently I Am Using Nokia 7 Plus Nokia is Earlier Is the Best, Present Is the Best and Future be the BEST.
  • Hello Juho, yes I'm a big fans of NOKIA mobile. for the first time, I used Nokia 2626. 
  • Proud to be a user of Nokia mobile
  • Hi juno.Abhishek Kaskar from INDIA. Was eargly waiting when some years before saw news that nokia coming back with Android phones. Then was waiting to buy nokia 6 currently using same.happy with my nokia 6. Nokia 6.1 plus is awesome.
  • Hi sir
    Iwas happy to say this to you because Nokia was avoiding about cemara why you are not interested to improve it you see Nokia 7 Plus was best mobile in India YOU HAVE TO TAKE DESSION FROM YOUTH IF U CONSIDIER ME IHAVE A PLAN TO EXAMPLE IF YOU NOT LIKE YOU CAN APPROACH SOME OTHER
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