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  • I have a old relation with nokia. I started use nokia X2-01 as first phone, then nokia Asha 200 and till now having Nokia X and till now, i have these phone in working as Nokia means Rough and Tuff like War Tank. In future, if i buy new phone, then it will be nokia. Now nokia has grown up so lets see what will be next.
  • Hi,
    I am sandeep from india.  Last nokia phone currently I have is Lumia 730. This phone has very good rear camera.  Nokia phones are made for family. Currently my nokia phone is using my father. 
  • Hello there.........
    Wishing the event in Dubai to be exciting for all of the nokia fans round the globe
    I've been a good Nokia lover and I'm still using the Nokia 6 and waiting for the snapdragon 710 phone from you
    Hope you deliver it greatly.
  • Hello there.....Nokia for me is not by chance... it's by choice...and chosen it for a lifetime.
  • Hello from NYC NY Long time Nokia user since the 3310 to the lumia phones and now the Nokia 6.1 ta-1045
  • Hello Nokia community, I'm certain that the December launch will be succesful as it is with other previous launch events. I'm also pretty sure that Nokia's design philosophy of durable, pure, secure and up to date devices will shook the world one day the way it did to me. Once you go Nokia, you'd never go back. Much love, hope to be there to witness the launch with my naked eyes.
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    Hello Juhu ,Nokia is always respectable ! I was so emotional when microsoft aquired Nokia with statement of ceo " we did nothing wrong but somehow we lost"
    But now u r again in race n u will definitely rule in smartphone category !! 
    Better hardware & Design with cut edge software This is Nokia. This is connecting people.
    Thanks & Love from
    Yaseen Shaikh from mubai,India
  • Hello Juho and all, 

    Let me flash back and share with you for my nostalgic experience with Nokia. A few years back in 2000, Nokia has been my family main drivers for mobile communication. My father owned the Nokia 3210, continue to Nokia 3330 and then Nokia 6510, the small-premium-elegant Nokia phone that I really love with its snake game via infrared competition that would I never forgot! My first Nokia phone is the blue Nokia Music 5510 which have full QWERTY keyboard. It is a unique and beautiful phone at that time until N-Gage launched. I loved to play with the Symbian OS, installing apps and games as it is a very interesting activities for me at that time. 

    Time flies, my N-Gage replaced with N78, the more advanced and photographic phone. I remembered how easy it was to take a shot from this phone as similar as I was holding a digital camera. After that, the Blackberry era comes and then Nokia was acquired by Microsoft and launched its Lumia products. I have used Nokia 640 XL with Windows phone mobile but unluckily it was only last for 1 month and I sold it because of the uncomfortable operating ecosystem.

    It was such a long time that I really hope Nokia under Microsoft provides a phone with Android OS to compete with the big brand such as Samsung, LG, and Sony (before the Chinese brand penetrated). But in surprise, HMD Global make it happen at the end of 2016! Since HMD Global acquired Nokia brand and sold their first phone in December 2016, I have a new hope for the Nokia come back. And it is coming true!

    The first Android phone HMD sold was Nokia 6 in January 2017, continued with Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 for the budget segmentation. Now, my main daily driver is Nokia 7 Plus. It is such a wonderful experience to have Nokia as my main Android phone again, especially with its high-quality, premium aluminum body, Carl Zeiss camera lens and powered by Android One. I forgot to mention another aspect, it is the Nokia community that provide useful information for our Nokia phone and share with other Nokia user how to solve problems, information, provide feedback for the Nokia brand. 

    I'm very excited about the Nokia event in Dubai on 5 December and I really-really interested to join this event. I'm looking forward to the flagship Nokia 9, the super Nokia 8.1 and beautiful Nokia 7.1 Plus launching. I believe Nokia can beat Xiaomi, Samsung, and iPhone in the future.

    Let us make Nokia great again! 


  • Hello there.....Nokia for me is not by chance... it's by choice...and chosen it for a lifetime.

  • My fovarite mobile Nokia 7210 super nova but phone is old And come to new future in 7210 super in india plz sir
  • Hello HMD Global... hope you attain the same high which Nokia was once !
  • Hi,
    My First time Nokia 6.1plus 🙈🙊🤳💣🔥🛎️🛎️🛎️
  • Hello nokia... I like your build quality... I am a lover of updates for every month... Nokia did it... Love you nokia😘😍
  • Hello Juho, I love Nokia phones because stock android and high build quality premium phone but I am not satisfied because why are you lunching all mobile first in China not in India .i know China is biggest market but India also biggest market. 
  • What's app Nokia lovers. From my childhood my life is surrounded by Nokia.so, I am proud to say that to be a Nokia lover
  • I am using Nokia 6.1 + & I feel much better experience than any other phone.it remembered me of my old Nokia n 72
  • Hello Nokia 😊. My name is Mohamed I'm from Egypt. I have worked before as sales trainer  with microsoft team. In windows phone and I'm very loyal to Nokia so much and my current phone is Nokia 6.1 plus (x6). I wish travel with you.
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    Hey! This is Archisman from India. I’m a student and developer. I’ve been a Nokia fan since I was a kid. Back in the non-smartphone days, me and my mom used Nokia. In the windows era, I used a Lumia and now, even though I moved to Apple during the absence of Nokia from the market, I use a Nokia 3 as my secondary phone. It’s just too hard to let go of the nostalgia of the old days- the better days. I’ve made a lot of memories with this brand and to see it grow parallaly with me is really exhilarating. I love the fact that both Microsoft and HMD stayed true to the Nokia philosophy when they took over Nokia. I love HMD even more for reintroducing an icon in the cell phone industry- the mighty Nokia 3310. I wish Nokia sticks around for the generations to come and induces the nostalgia in them as well.
  • Hello sir, I'm the big fan of Nokia.
  • Hello Juho sir,
    I am Akash Mann. I am from india. I am a huge fan of Nokia. I have never used other brand other than nokia.
  • This is a simple hello from a small country called Lebanon ✋🏼
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    Hello, I'm Nelson, from Portugal. My last Nokia was a 7650. After that, all my mobile phones where Sony Ericsson and later Sony. That's until I had to replace my broken Xperia M2. I'm now the proud owner of a Nokia 5, and, based on my experience, I recommend Nokia phones to anyone that's looking for a "pure" Android experience, but doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg on a Google Pixel.
  • 👌👍❤️
  • Hello.... Waiting for new nokia mobile..
  • Hello Sir 
    Here I am a Nokia 7 plus fan😊
  • hi Nokia give me a chance as a loyal Nokia fan to this special event,thanks.
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