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  • Hello Nokia, Hello king of the mobile world

    I'm interested in seeing a new phone with different and unique camera in Dubai, my neighbor country
    The king is coming back ❤😍
  • hello sir, my first ever nokia phone was 3500c now i am looking forward to another nokia phone

  • Hi sir, I am mutteppa from India, I am big fan of Nokia and now I have been using Nokia phone since when I purchased Nokia 3230.. Also I have now Nokia Lumia 820 and 730. I am waiting for flagship mobile.. Love you Nokia..
  • manna
    manna ✭✭✭
    Hello,I love Nokia.... Connecting people to the world.....
  • Hello dear Nokia community and HMD employees.

    I love the new look and feel of the new community page. I'm so glad you redesigned to make it more enjoyable and easy to use. It's awesome how far the Nokia phone brand from the gold 2000's of Nokia with the best feature phones on the market which i owned a couple mainly the (Nokia 3310), my very first phone back in 2005. And ever since, I chose Nokia because I knew it followed my entire life journey and it resisted pretty much everything throwing at it. From the 3310, Asha series, Xpressmusic line and the Lumia series to now the HMD/Global Nokia Android phones. Nokia is back and it's looking like it's here to stay for many years. I love my Nokia 8, it's my favourite smartphone i ever have, the Stock Android approach is the way to go. So to finish here's to a lot more years of Android One and HMD/Nokia phones and good luck every single member of the community.

    My heartfelt salutations,

    Pedro Alves
  •  Nokia with Symbian Nokia with windows or Nokia with Android no matter Nokia name is enough                             (sirf Naam hi kafi hai)
  • juho said:

    Hi guys,

    Juho here.

    When we started less than 2 years ago, we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality and design values while bringing you the best Android experience on the market.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, we decided it was time to pay it forward to our fans!

    That’s why we we’d like you to join us in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Participating is easy: You just have to reply below, and introduce yourselves. A simple hello is fine as well! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling!

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Juho Sarvikas
    Chief Product Officer,
    HMD Global - Home of Nokia Phones
    Hi Juho!! First of all congratulations for the new community.. & thank you for prviprovi regular updates on time. Keep the good work going.. I remember I asked you on Twitter to speak Hindi & you did that so.. that was impressive too. I hope I can win & meet you & rest of Awesome Nokia Team
  • Hello! Big fan of nokia phones here. :)
  • Hi to all! My me is Roman and I'm have a problem with my new Nokia 8.
    "👻 Ghost imagem" ou image retention.

    All told me - do not buy NOKIA, it's no longer like that before.
    But I bough,t because I believe in NOKIA. But now with such a problem ... I do not even know...
  • Moi, pitkästä aikaa!
    Been a big fan back in those good old days, worked with Nokia in Espoo on a big project eight years ago and now I'm happy to be finally "home" with my Nokia 8 Sirocco :)

  • I am Nokianchetan ,Chetan Kale 🙂

    I am Not a Fan of Nokia , I Am Family Memeber ,  
    All The People Who Are Using Nokia Phones are My Family ,No Matter From Which Country , Religion, Caste You are 🙂💐

  • mr.omer
    edited November 2018
    Nokia with Symbian Nokia with windows Nokia with Android no matter name is enough
    (Sirf Naam hi kafi hai)
  • Hello
    I'm Arafat from BANGLADESH. The first Nokia phone I used was the NOKIA 1100. I still have that button beauty. & The First touch phone that I used was the NOKIA ASHA 305. Durability of Nokia phone is always great. My first Android phone is NOKIA 5. ImI satisfied with the performance. Thinking about switching to NOKIA 7.1 PLUS next year when it'll be available globally. Most of my family members also use NOKIA.
    The phones that HMD has added to it's portfolio this year are all good specially the plus series phones. You guys are going in the right direction with the plus series phones. The hardware, design, build quality + all of them are part of Android one project which is very good & a plus point for the Nokia phones. The only thing that needs an update is the camera software I think. Otherwise everything is great.
    Best of luck ✌️ everyone & let's hope we'll see some great phones next month.
  • Hello juho my first phone was is Nokia 5300 Xpress music and I was very happy with that phone . Then I was decided if I have got a chance to working in Nokia I will join. And now I am working in Nokia as a sales representative in India and I love Nokia family and company atmosphere.i love Nokia . Thanks juho for give me this forum to express my feelings.😍😀
  • Hey everyone, 
    I am amr from Egypt and I am really happy to see Nokia come back again and compete with the big players, and I am really proud to be a Nokia phone user, keep it up 👍🏼
  • Hi. Brian from Denmark. Right now my phone is a Nokia 8, and I really love the phone. Look forward to the next Nokia event!
  • One can rely on their loved ones and Nokia phones are one of them.
  • Hello everybody!!
    Greetings from México
  • Hey,Nokia Me Aditya Ojha, User Of Nokia 7 Plus, Saying "Hello":And All The Best For Future By"Connecting People" 😘
  • Hello everybody :-)

    My name is Shamil and I am from the beautiful city Kazan, Russia. I like new interesting projects, ideas, devices. My hobbie is ride bikes. Also I am interested in search engine optimization.

    I like my Nokia 6.1 with Android 9 Pie update. Especially I like Support app. It offers immediate answers for all kinds of questions.

    Good luck!

  • Hello .. !!
  • Hello #Juho...Nokia made benchmark in the mobile...and still catching steps with latest technology, creativity to provides best experience to their customer. #All #The #Best #NOKIA!!
  • Hello Juho and to the rest of HMD Global team! Thank you for reviving the Nokia phones. Can't wait to see what more can you offer in the industry. I am here to support you guys! More power and more Nokia phones. 💪😊
  • My first encounter with Nokia was 3310 and then many including 6610, 6630 still has but battery died, 6310, Lumia 730, Lumia 1520 which live and going strong. Nokia has a different aura around it. I am sure Nokia will gain momentum soon and be one of the popular phone makers soon as well. I am waiting for new launches and soon shift from iPhone. 
  • Hello
    Proud Nokia Family :)
  • indrakrisnadi
    indrakrisnadi ✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Hello Juho and HMD Global team!

    I'm Indra, from Indonesia. For me, Nokia is histotic because my first mobile phone is Nokia 3330, now I'm using Nokia 8 and love it. I can't wait to the next innovation, more phone to sell at Indonesia, and of course, Android Pie update  :D 


  • Hei fellas!! 

    As the New Nokia phone📱rises .. the Empire shall strike ⚡ back .. 

    .. May the Force be with you 👉

  • Hello Nokia, Hello king of the mobile world

    I'm interested in seeing a new phone with different and unique camera in Dubai, my neighbor country
    The king is coming back ❤😍

  • Hello , my name is Hisham Ali
    I am a communication engineer working in iraq , I know that Nokia will rise again in the phones industry and I can't wait to see Nokia on the peak :) 
  • Hello,Juhi sir
    I'm omkar Ramesh madav 
    From- Kudal Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India
    I'm already 10 year old customer
    And I trust to Nokia mobile because Nokia's all handset are given good filing to connect to real world and my Nokia 3.1 plus nice pics
    And I all people are request to trust for Nokia

                                                          Thanks nokia's family
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