Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event



  • Old King Is back <3:)B)
  • Hello, there! I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. Have been a fan of Nokia as long as I can remember. Now, I am using the Nokia 8 and I am more than happy. It is an amazing device! It will be an honor to be part of your next unveiling and be able to be one of the first who will see your next flagship. Also, it is my dream to visit Dubai and to have the opportunity to see their incredible architecture. Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone!
  • Hi. I bought my 7+ a few months ago and it has been an amazing experience. I hope we can improve ourselves with this community and bring the King of Phones back to it's rightful place. Good Luck :)
  • Hello NOKIA community! This is Ajay Kumar from India. I love the built quality of nokia phones. First device i used was NOKIA 3310 and currently using Nokia7 plus superb device!!! Love from iniaI! 
  • Hey, I'm a 16 y old greek, I live in Serbia, love tech and I'm probably going to study telecommunications over in France! 
  • Hello Mr. Juho. How are you sir? I'm Vinodh from Malaysia. I'm big fan of Nokia. Thank you. 
  • Hope i will get a chance. My first nokia mobile was Nokia 1100. Currently using Nokia 6.1
  • Hello, I am Akshay Kumar from India. My daily life journey always begins with my Nokia smartphone. I mostly use my Nokia smartphone to capture beautiful shots. My dream is to get invited for Nokia smartphones launch event. I am very happy to be a part of Nokia family.
  • Hello everyone,
    Now, that is what I call a nice contest. I am from Bulgaria and I really hope to join the winners. ;)
    Nokia is a great company with great products. The new phone which will be unvailed is amazing.
    Good luck, friends. Let the force of the random generator be with you. :)
  • riadanny84
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    Hi Juho, I' m from Serbia and i' m a great nokia fan, now i have the Great Nokia 6.1
    Continue with your great work and innovation on the Smartphone World. i hope soon i see the first Nokia Foldable phone!
  • Hello to guys over at Nokia, I am from India. You know since I was a child I have seen Nokia phones around me and in those times having a phone was equivalent to having a Nokia. Our country India is such a huge fan of your brand that we know the name Nokia is synonymous with trust. We knew you would make a come back, and here you are today once again shining and delivering quality products. Would be a dream to see a Nokia phone launch that too in the amazing city of Dubai. Anyway we love Nokia and are waiting to see what does it bring this time to amaze us.
  • Marcel Marizu
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    Hello & Kiitos Juho and Nokia fans across the globe. It will make 2years of inception this December 1 , 2018 of hmd global as the new home of Nokia phones.I have  Enjoyed the journey so far. Thrilling , challenging and exciting ,launch after launch. Keeping to customers promise of Pure , secure and up to date . Juho has been phenomenal, sharing valuable information and consistently making the fans and lovers of Nokia phones part of the experience. #NextChapter, # ChargedUP #ExpectMore are different Themes to introduce amazing products to Nokia fans all across the globe. Hmd global Oy has consistently listen to feedback, invent for customers and create Personalize experiences. I am super proud of  the journey and hope to be among the lucky ones  to see this new range of products. I am a social media enthusiast, tech savvy and passionate about Nokia products. I planned launching my blog and social media pages that will only focus on Nokia products and services, imaging and user experience early next year on Facebook, IG and twitter. I can't wait to share this vision with Juho in Dubai this year. Thank you for making this dream a reality.
    #Namaste 🙏🙏🙏
    Nokiacel Marcel
    Nokia fan and advocate
    From Nigeria .
  • I'd love to go, and my passport is ready!
    Sadly, my university finals start during that time. Too bad!
  • Hello Juho,
    I am Mohamed Khalaf from Saudi Arabia, a very old fan to Nokia from feature phone days, I think most of my memories and nostalgia were with Nokia. 
    I am very excited to be one of the new Nokia/HMD community and hope to continue in great growth.
  • Well i m working for nokia
  • Hello. My name LOAM LIEN. I'm from Cambodia. I'm the crazy fun of Nokia. I am not expect to win the trip just one new Nokia phone is enough.
  • Nokia is my first impression of a mobile phone since 1995, mobile gaming was introduced to us with Nokia as snake game and while we grew up camera's became a part of the phone along with color screen, bringing life to the device, it was sad when Nokia who was father of all devices went out of the market for millions of fans and now it's really exciting to see how it has transformed into a multi media device on android one platform. Currently owner of Nokia 5.1 plus and looking for many evolutions thereafter. Excited to be in Dubai with you guys already.....
  • Hello, I love Nokia..... Can't wait for the new phones. Nokia is and always will be AWESOME!!
  • Hi, I’m Hoang, but you can call me Luke. Say hello from Vietnam, one of the most exciting market for the Nokia Mobile Family =) 
  • Hello, I'm Riddhika, 25, from India. The first phone I started to use almost 9 years ago, in 2009, was a feature phone called Nokia Supernova 2210 and it was great indeed. Then I shifted to N97 Mini which was a touch phone and it made me connect with various people as their tagline suggested "Nokia - Connecting People". I surely shifted myself with the advent of new technology creeping in day by day into our lives, but Nokia shifting itself from a Symbian Phone to a Windows Operating phone to now give a purely Android Interface that everyone can cope up with, it surely has lived up to its name.
    I am proud to join and get to be a part of this wonderful community that stays united for the years to come by! (:
  • Hi Nokia,
    Please do bring back " The Human Technology " as soon as possible as I am now in trouble finding the right communication tool in this mass market. 🍀🍀📯📯
  • Aloha from my Nokia 5.1 Plus :)
  • Hi, I am baraa jamal alden
    Entering this company was legendary and I hope you will stay at this level, performance and quality. Do not feel the user that your goal is commercial like the rest of the company
    But make the user comfortable when owning Nokia products ....... I own Nokia
    I wish you more success
    ...Thanks  ;);)
  • William
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    Holaaaa !!! ..... escribiré en español.

    Soy William Betancur, de Colombia!
    Amo la marca Nokia; recuerdo que mi primer celular fue un 1100 y desde entonces soy un fanático de Nokia.
    Lamentablemente cuando cambiaron a Windows, debí elegir otra marca porque no me sentí bien con el sistema operativo que tenía .... Pero ahora que regresaron con Android, me di cuenta que no han perdido la esencia y el respaldo de la mejor marca de teléfonos en el mundo. 
    Ahora estoy feliz con mi nuevo Nokia y también muy pendiente de cada novedad !!

  • Hello
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    #5th of December.
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    #Nokia for all ages and each segment of society
  • Hi My Name Is Rohit Chandnani, And Iam From India. Hope Nokia Is Still Connecting People .😁 💖 
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    Hi, my name is Vegard from Norway.
    I'm such a huge fan of what you're doing; bringing smartphone innovation back to the Nordics, and doing so in a way that is faithful to your Nokia heritage!
    I'm loving my Nokia 8 Sirocco, and I'd love to take pictures of Dubai with it :-)
  • user1542371956552
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    Hello, Igor from Croatia. Fan of Nokia phones still from 3310. Last one I had was N95. 
    Really looking forward to see new Nokia 9. I think it will exceed my expectations.
  • Hello to all. I am one happy Nokia Android phone owner . Since one year from date of purchase, I have no any global issue with the phone. Every month I receive critical updates and so my phone work perfect. Every day I follow new events from Nokia. 
    I am great Nokia fan since first days of my first GSM card and since then I have had many Nokia phones thru the years.  It was many years ago, but I still love Nokia and all new team HMD behind all. 
    I always suggest to every one to try Nokia phone, and have no any compliant. 
    Looking forward new event in Dubai.  
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