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Hello! I hope this simple hello will make a difference! 

Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event


  • Hello!

    I hope this simple hello will make a difference! 
  • Sunil Jena Sunil Jena
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  • Hello
  • HI,
    Connecting people
    Connecting INDIA
    There is huge fan followers of Nokia in India
  • Very nice
  • albanach albanach
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    I'm a fan of the Nokia, I've had a few, 3210, 3310, 6210 Navigator, N85 and still using my Lumia 925, if I was to get a new phone it'd be the Nokia 8 Sirocco. :)
  • Hello nokia,I am SHUBHAM PRAKASH.
    ALL nokia latest phone have awesome build quality and look but sometimes old processer and hardware and old features software(except "OS" ) .
    At point of features, software(except "OS")and specially app are not improved in 2018. You need much improved in missing features,  app like camera app or other app like other brand competerer. 
    I am currently using nokia 6.1plus .design, build Quality and hardware is good but some features is missing in 2018 and need some improvement in camera and other apps.
    A much things to improve in your missing features and software department to defeat competerer in 2018-19.
    In last I want to say please launch all nokia phones in INDIA first  like other phone brands.not in last. india is a huge phone market and nokia lover also.huge nokia fans want to buy Nokia phones but due to much late launch in india Constrainedly they have gone to other brand.
    If all phones will have latest design , build Quality, hardware , software and features at right price then I wish nokia will become king again.
  • Hello
  • amaljoe amaljoe
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    Happy to be a part of the community. Nothing is more special than 'connecting people'  Lets join hands 🤝 to make the community stronger : - )
  • Hello Everyone this is Ankur. I have been a Nokia since childhood. When Nokia was struggling in the smartphone section I was surprised to see Nokia in such condition. But then HMD came to the rescue and stood firm on the name and quality of Nokia. I simply love Nokia phones and the stock android is better than any UI. I recommend Nokia phones to all my near and dear ones.

    Thankyou HMD and Thankyou Nokia.
  • Ramu Ramu
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    19 years of companion and Big Fan of Nokia from India,
  • Best mobile Nokia 
    I like so much
    My favourite phones Nokia
  • Hii I am Arun from India I am writing this as I am big fan of Nokia ,the first handset I bought was Nokia 1110 which was amazing with superior built quality ,and now I am using the Nokia 6.1 plus .loved it because of its design , built quality and features.the thing which I personally liked about Nokia is the built quality of their phones which can't be found on other devices. So be the king of built quality and keep bringing best smartphone in the market. I personally want that one day Nokia will the no 1 smartphone brand in the world.love you nokia
  • madhukiran madhukiran
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    Connecting people
  • Greetings! 
    I've been a Nokia loyalist since I was born. My first smartphone was a Lumia 636. I dropped it more than 40 times and only replaced its screen once — and still alive! Though I already have my Nokia 5 as my daily driver, I chose not to sell and keep my Lumia. It's still functional regardless of the sparse app store. I use my 636 for screen mirroring when I present in my school because it supports Miracast (our school have TVs). Unfortunately, on my Nokia 5, Miracast ended its support and I have no plan on buying a chromecast dongle. Oh, and let's not forget the iconic 3310, because it was my very first phone!

    Nokia, you're doing great here in the Philippines! 
  • Hello Nokia,, this is shaik, from India...looking forward to have a true flagship from you to beat big boys in smartphone segment..big fan of Nokia from my first phone of Nokia 2600...waiting for flagship from Nokia (after comeback)to switch from iPhone 7 Plus

    Reddy Bhasha Shaik, India
  • Hey there,m using nokia 2 here!
  • lipunlllll lipunlllll
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    Hello friends
    I am from India 
    I am a Nokia fan science 2008
    When our first phone come to our family. My first phone is Nokia 1600 then c1 Next e7

    Now I switched to nokia3
    I love how it fell in my hand like the old one it is also durable.The updates come regullary.I am using it for almost 1ang 5 month I found no problem s.i love 💙it

    I suggest that as a user and a hard core fan I expect some stunning technology invasion from Nokia .Like the older Nokia.
    My plan to buy Nokia6.1plus in December.
  • Hi fellow Nokia fans,
    I'm Robbie from Tasmania Australia and I've been a Nokia fans for 19 years. In the 2000's in Australia Nokia phones were so popular that I never had to travel with a charger, everyone had one. Back then I owned a Nokia not for leading edge technology but for quality construction and that is still the case today, my Nokia 8 is bombproof and I love it.
  • i like Nokia phones last 10 years
  • Hello There!
    My first Iconic brand Nokia phone was 2700 Classic. Then again i went with Nokia Lumia 520. But i was really disappointed because Windows was really not a good choice since it had very less number of app's. But i was waiting for the right time to invest again on NOKIA. And yes this time it was Nokia 6.1 Plus! Its a magnificent master piece. I am loving my phone right now, say it has amazing Display, Battery, Android One, Nice pair of camera's.. List goes on! This phone is capable of wooing the public's whenever i take it out from my pocket. Kudos to Design team. I hope in future again the Iconic brand Nokia will seal the top spot for world's most selling smartphones. I wish you with a greater success in the year's to come. Thank you Nokia for making our life amazing. Thank you for being with us in our happiness, we are a family.🥰😍
    @juho_sarvikas thanks for taking the initiative and providing immense priority and support for Indian Market!! You are really doing good job.
  • Hi Hmd global 
    I am using Nokia 7 plus 
    Build and camera quality was awsomaw
    Updates also super fine
    Please consider about the prices 
  • Now i was 18 years old since from my childhood i hear that Nokia is a brand.No one can replace it.Many companies have started and collapsed but Nokia not like other companies it gives their best to their customers
  • I want know Nokia's big fan please invite me I want to know a lot about nokia
  • Hi Juho,
    Nokia took me too long since my last Nokia Lumia 730 to once again comeback to Nokia 2 years ago. I really excited when you introduced the Nokia 6 in 2017. And I can't believe 1 year ago, my first smartphone (which I used my own money I earned) was the nokia 8.

    Thank you for the Nokia 8. I know it may not be perfect to some extend but to me it delivered more than an overall satisfactory experience. It makes me feel something like love every when I saw the nokia logo and the Zeiss brand in the back of my Nokia. It's not my beauty treasure but also my memory about Nokia - my love brand.

    Since Nokia 8, I have no longer to choose my ringtone anymore. It's the default in my phone.

    I'm Tung - 25 years old - from Vietnam. Our country has lots of fans for Nokia 10 years ago and from now, I believe with your quality and love in each product you deliver, like my Nokia 8, we can refresh our love once again.

    Thank you HMD!
  • I am so glad for u guys for sach a impressive job to provide us computable smartphones of Nokia branding with aspected ratio of each and every respect in indian market. I am very excited to hear this news and to be with u guys if possible ☺️
  • Hello Nokia People
  • Hello All,
    First of all thank you HMD global for bringing Nokia back. The trust and faith on Nokia products is kept promising. I was big fan of Nokia phones with N series and now getting same trust with new phones as well.

    Once again thank you.
  • Hello sir
  • I have been using Nokia phones since my college days (nokia2600) and my own hard earned money that I spend was only for Nokia phones (Nokia lumia 720)
    now again 6days before again I purchased my new Nokia Nokia 6.1plus after the love for lumia 720.

    Being a tech reader I ended up in nokia after the Nokia relaunch

    love for Nokia...❤️
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