Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event



  • Hello! Nokia-hmd
  • I cannot wait to see how Nokia will innovative and storm the world again. Wish you every success for your upcoming flagship.
  • Hello from (not so sunny) England.
    Win or lose. Im just happy to see Nokia back and doing what they do best.
  • Hello!
    I am such an ardent fan of Nokia that I still have the Nokia 5110 with me in 2018. 

    I grew up using Nokia phones all my childhood trying to beat my highscore in snake (927)😎

    I had also reached the highest score on space impact beyond which the score never increased😁
  • Hello Nokia Community I was a Nokia Fan since early 2000s almost all of my Phone are Nokia Brand! and here in the Philippines we manage to Create a community for all Nokia Fans via Nokia Mobile Conversation on Facebook! and Nokia Revolution.. i am one the Happiest Fan when HMD announced that they are going to bring Back Nokia! as of now, i Currently own two Nokia Android Smartphone, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.1 and im looking forward to have more Nokia in yearsy to come! wish you luck HMD! #Expectmore #NokiaMobile
  • hi this is gaurang vayada and i m so exited about nokia because i use only nokia phones still i love nokia i am very satisfied with nokia the worlds best phones experience i love nokia always 
    i am also planning to buy  nokia 3.1 plus  and nokia 6.1 plus both are awesome phones .
    thanking you nokia for ur support thx ...
  • camera2 api support for Nokia 5.1 plus
  • Hi Nokia lovers 
    We all waiting for Nokia 9 pure view
  • Nokia ❤️ from the beginning !
  • I have never been a user of Nokia mobiles so far, I dare you to make me one ;)
  • Hello from Bandung, Indonesia. I got myself Nokia 5 and i'm so pleased with it. I love Nokia is bring true Android with Nokia touch in it. I love the design and the build qualitu is awesome.Please keep up the good work!
  • Hello,
    Happy to be here, I have been absolutely impressed with nokia and love it for both personal and test development use. I started with a nokia 6(got stolen), then I got the nokia 7 plus which is my personal device and I also use the nokia 2 as my trustee development device. Thanks for the good work.
  • Hello from sunny/rainy/foggy/snowy (it changes by the minute) England. In a world obsessed by the change-nothing-charge-more approach of Apple and Samsung, it's so good to see the Nokia brand once again shaking the box and showing everybody else how to produce superb smartphones without charging a thousand dollars. You were away too long
  • petrus
    petrus ✭✭✭✭
    Hello, great job this new forum ;) . I am also a fan of Nokia  <3 .
    I'm a lover of Nokia and I'm from India
  • today is android and ios market but i am still use nokis lumia 520 windows phones cause i love nokia and always with you nokia is best for me 
  • Hello nokia im a big fan
  • Hello,
    This is Danish from India and i an using Nokia 7 Plus its a awesome mobile i love it, i would like to attend the event in dubai...to see yhe some more new nokia mobile...
  • Back to Nokia after about 10 years. Last used a Nokia N series device. Now using the 6.1plus. 10 years have passed but the same trust remains. Way to go... BTW Android pie on 6.1 plus is just awesome..
  • Owning The Nokia branded phone #Nokia7Plus agin after using several phones(2300, 6300, 5130 Express-Edition, C5-03, Lumia 925) feeling more excited.
  • Greetings from Turkiye, My last Nokia Phone is 5110 16 years ago. I am very curious about new Nokia Phones with new Technology. 
  • Hello Juhor.
    I am Otugene Ojoruwa, a 25 year old male from Nigeria. I a big fan of Nokia. I had the Nokia 2 but now I'm using the Nokia 3.1. Since the release of the android version of the Nokia product, I can't go back to any other device. Nokia all the way. I love Nokia.
  • Hello, It was the only brand purchased here. It's time for the legend to return.
  • Hi! I'm Bryan. I am so excited and happy that Nokia Launched a Community forum where users can interact between Nokia and co-Nokia users. Sharing their insights, updates, queries, and recommendations which will benefit between two parties. Kudos Nokia and Cheers for the upcoming Innovation!
  • First of all thank you for your hindi juho on event of 6.1Plus, Nokia 2610 was our first family phone. First impression is the best impression and Nokia did it very well. Then 7210 joined our family and I bought Asha 202 with my pocket money (of 4months). After a few years Lumia came and I bought it for a change (windows) and now I am using Nokia6.1 plus again for a change (Pure android). I was invited by HMD Global to fan event in Kolkata. Guys are really doing very hard word to achieve the best position in our country and we will definitely make it sure very soon. Kudos to HMD Global n Nokia. 
  • unbeatable
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    I am Ijeoma pepertua Uche from Nigeria and a lover of Nokia mobile phoned.  Am feeling so excited to be here.its actually a great opportunity for me to be here.my family have always been lovers of Nokia Phones because of its durability and purity.i was also opportuned to use Nokia Phones back then starting from Nokia 3310 which was given to me 2003 during my secondary school days, I went on to use Nokia Asha, and then to C3-00 and 2016 I used Nokia XL which later got stolen and just last year I got the greatest opportunity to work with Nokia Mobile.it has been a wonderful experience and Nokia has been the very best and producing great phones like Nokia 1,Nokia 2 with 2days battery life,Nokia 2.1 with dual speakers,Nokia 3,Nokia 3.1 ,Nokia 5 series,Nokia 6 series with slow motion move, Nokia 7 series of which Nokia 7.1 converts SDR videos to HDR 10, and then Nokia 8  which are all pure, secure and up to date,truthfully, NOKIA IS THE BEST
  • Hello 👋 Nokia 
  • Hello.
    I just wanna say that tbh HMD global is the most relieving thing to happen to Nokia. I really like the direction Nokia is headed and am excited for future phones (esp. budget ones ;D )
  • AniketJoshi
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    Hello from Mumbai,India. Myself Aniket Joshi I would like to part of these event. Like to join #NokiaCommunity and became a part of it.
  • user1542376317436
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    Hello world,
    My name is Ashwin. A Developer enthusiast from India. Well I never owned a Nokia, (my dad did). One thing I loved on Java Nokia's were BOUNCE! And SNAKES-3D (by Nokia). Loved that snake soo much, but can't find that on net, hope you guys can help me out with it.

    Also would like to know the person who did The Hand Shake.

    To be noted- I wrote this from my phone, if possible you can shift the Comment box to the top of the comments, making it easier to access. (No idea about PC browser)

    Thank you.

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