[Moved] What is your Nokia phone history????

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If you are Nokia or nothing then congratulations and welcome back!
I have had a Nokia since my first phone, the 3310 back in 2000.
I also had Club Nokia membership then which was great.

I have also had the 3410, 6230, 6300, E63 and E6.

I'm sure some of you guys have had a much better history than this, so what is it? What was your favourite?


  • Cant even list the amount of nokia phones I have used till date. Some of them are N73, E63, N91, 5310 expressmusic, N95 and my dad used that classic 3310. I still have my N91 in perfect condition which I still use sometimes to listen to music.
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  • My favourite model is N97. Still using. My parents love Nokia 3310 model.