wifi connection problem



  • Hi

    I have same issue on Nokia 6.1 plus the latest android update. My phone doesn’t find the wifi at all although all my other devices can find and connect. Also it can find other WiFi networks but not my home wifi.

    Nokia why u don’t answer or fix the problem? It happened after one of recent android updates.

  • msreeji
    msreeji ✭✭

    Bought "NOKIA C01 PLUS", but neither the "WiFi" nor the "Mobile Data" was connecting during SETUP. Then had to do "Setup Offline". But even after that, both of them were not working.

    But after resetting the NETWORK SETTINGS, both started working

    "SETTINGS" -> "ADVANCED" -> "RESET" -> "Rest WiFi, Mobile, Bluetooth"

    Thank you very very much for the SOLUTION