Bring back Nokia N-Gage QD(Gaming phone) & Nokia E7(Tablet) and Nokia 7705(Compact phone) Reborn

Hi, Use your Nostalgia factor even on Smartphones!

Bring back Nokia N-Gage QD(Gaming phone) & Nokia E7(Tablet) and Nokia 7705(Compact phone) Reborn

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Use your Nostalgia factor even on Smartphones!
Try this phones Re-Born like you already done for Great Nokia 3310 on Feature phone market to get that Top 2 Spot in just a year. 

Nokia N-Gage QD:
Please bring back Nokia N-Gage QD as a Gaming phone. Great! chance to enter into gaming market.
Youth are very eager to play games on their smartphones. 
But add it like a modular design where they can also use that phone even as a daily handheld device.
It should be like Plug and Play supported.

Nokia E7:
Even Nokia E7 like slide out keyboard as a tablet.
I really wish tablet should have better keyboard to have it use like a mini PC with a pen to draw over the Screen.

Nokia 7705:
People really wish to have a small compact phone and Previous Nokia designs never stops here you already have Nokia 7705
A small compact 4" inch square phone with rounded corners can be made out of it as per todays standards 4G/5G phone.
Use bezel-less design without notch!
Kai OS or Android Go will be enough for that phone.
That existing slideout keypad is also a nice idea.

Please use Nokia previous designs they are the best and unique. Please #DareToBeDifferent

Hope you like these reborn ideas.


  • I agree. The slab phone market is getting very saturated, as evident by all OEMs resorting to silly gimmicks that Apple come up with.

    We need different form factors to return, the reason why Android flourished in the first place, because of choice.

    Personally I would love a slider QWERTY, maybe a moderized Nokia X5-01 with a large screen and a portrait slide out keyboard, perfect for both media consumption and quick messaging. Make it run Android O
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    Great ideas, I would love to have a refreshed Nokia E7, but the size should be kept small. I had a wonderful design. I won't call it a 'tablet' at that size but the experience of using a QWERTY keyboard in that small size was just wonderful. If such phone comes at a bigger size, I don't know if I will like it. Maybe a little bigger screen would be a plus. Anyways, I hope they revive it!

  • I would definitely love seeing these phones being relaunched, especially the 7705: it would be a great idea to develope a compact and comfortable phone, with a QWERTY keyboard to make messaging easy, and KaiOS or a similar operative system to be able to install applications like WhatsApp. It would still stay simple as a feature phone, so the user could occasionally disconnect from technology. AND it would hopefully include the snake game 🙃.

    About E7 and N-Gage QD: the E7 looks pretty neat, I like the physical keyboard thing; while the N-Gage QD, in my opinion, deserves a second opportunity, because I don't know why a brilliant idea such as a phone combinated with a portable videogame console failed as it did.

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