Make nokia great again? Impossible

Mirror link not enabled, camera function remaining basic.... Frankly speaking, Nokia 8 should be a phone capable of doing more.

Make nokia great again? Impossible

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Mirror link not enabled, camera function remaining basic.... Frankly speaking, Nokia 8 should be a phone capable of doing more. But it seems that the company did little to make it that way. I have bought it for nearly 3 months and I am disappointed.


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    I think they are great but to be better you need the original snake game 
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     I tend to agree. There is a lot of latent potential in the Nokia 8, that just isn't being tapped into by HMD. To me, the Nokia 8 is good but not that good.

    The early marketing was that the Nokia 8 would have plain Android to enablle a quicker update to Oreo. Now that the Oreo update is well under way, HMD must turn to improving the overall software feature set of the Nokia 8 otherwise there's not much to differentiate it from a cheap generic phone also running bog stock Android.

    My Nokia 8 replaced a BlackBerry Priv. BlackBerry also prided itself on rapid security updates. Security is or has been BlackBerry's main selling point. An enhanced feature set over stock Android didn't stop BlackBerry releasing the monthly Android security patches in a timely  manner so there is no excuse for HMD/Nokia either.

  • The phone may have a good hardware specification but the Oreo Software and updates have crippled functionality on my phone, I now find myself in the position of having a three years old Windows Phone that works far better than HMD's supposed Flag Ship Phone......very very very disappointed, wish I had bought Samsung
  • I agree with the OP. Nokia/HMD is not trying enough to please the users. It seems they are only using the brand to sell more. I don't have a Nokia 8, I own a Nokia 5, and if was expecting to have mirror link connectivity, on Nokia 8 I almost took for granted it would have that.
    I'm also displeased for my Nokia 5 not having mirror link and also I thought that with Oreo update it would bring manual camera mode, it brought but you can't change ISO or shutter speed settings (this things are pretty plain basic)...
  • Horrible, I regret buying this phone, I'm now stuck with it, do NOT buy Nokia 8, it's not worth more than £50 it's really horrible, lack of functionality, freezes, bad camera, restricted access to casting, really AWFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no wonder NOKIA would like to approve our posts first, nokia, you lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll spread the word, I already told 23 person NOT to buy ANY NOKIA PHONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • It's like Nokia 8 has been abandoned since new phones coming out, and Nokia 8 only just came out 8 months ago.
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    13mp f2.0 can able to perform excellent by capturing pictures...and hence HMD Nokia 8 was launching in market with front camera 13mp... usually old Nokia cameras are not only good their are BEST and hence expecting same camera and buyed Nokia 8 till today it's been 9 months but still tthey not even fix focus issues, didn't improve picture quality, no Miracast, no sound recorder 3rd party applications does not work well.... Highly disappointed I said my friends and family go for one plus or redmi far far better then HMD NOKIA... Very disappointed

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    I did try to make Nokia great by buying their product BUT they treat me and many many other customers very poorly but software updates that are poor and stopped aspects of the phone from working properly. They are not interested in existing customers they are all focused on new sales.

    If they looked after existing customers PROPERLY we would be their best advert in promoting new sales to all friends, and associates.

    Why NOKIA / HMD ?
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    I bought Nokia 8 last October, but I might switch to Pixel 3 this year, Google's software is so much better than Nokia.
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    I too bought Nokia 8 last October and 2nd person who received from online.... The main reason for buying especially camera now but very dispointed... .........

    @user1515073786942, you are exactly true
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    Given the Nokia 8 software comes from Google that will be interesting, if you go read the Pixel forums you would find most of the problems found on the Nokia 8 aren't Nokia problems at all but rather Android problems.

    Buying a Pixel 3 is an expensive way of getting a better camera app, i wouldn't suggest for one minute what you should and shouldn't buy, that is of course you choice entirely but i think it only fair you are aware the Pixel range has as many if not more problems albeit with a far superior camera.

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    Don't buy Nokia phone. There is not proper update. Total waste money on Nokia
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    I'd love to see or read your evidence to back that up Satish, in the 8 months i have owned mine i have never had so many updates for a phone, are you saying they were all improper code not belonging in the Android ecosystem?

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    The Nokia 8 camera is massively improved with the last update, it is actually usable in low light now, yeah it still has problems but presumably Nokia will address them, i have even gone as far as uninstalling the Google camera and if you have ever read my posts you will know i have been a huge advocate of it.

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    Still it fail to focus.... quality depends on focus too
  • Satinette Satinette

    We just bought us a new car. And I am using a Nokia 8 Sirocco, I am very pleased with this mobile phone. It seems that I can only connect my mobile with the new car by using Mirror Link and I cannot find that the phone is certified for this software. Can somebody please inform me about this?

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