Make Nokia Great Again!

Greetings Folks and Nokia, First of all Hello Everyone and Congratulations Nokia on having a community again some of you guys may remember Forum Nokia from…

Make Nokia Great Again!

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Greetings Folks and Nokia,

First of all Hello Everyone and Congratulations Nokia on having a community again some of you guys may remember Forum Nokia from before it was huge (as trump would say :D)

First a little info about Me with Nokia ,My first phone was Nokia 3360 and My first Smartphone was 3650 one of the first Symbian S60 phones I also had 7650 for a little time followed by it I have used almost every great Nokia phone even the MeeGO N9

So back on Topic 

I have been following recent Nokia line up in Android world 

So far Nokia has been playing Catch up

Well its not bad for stepping back up in competition.The smartphone world and market has changed for sure but there are certain key points still to be followed 

Nokia shouldn't be hitting for Top dogs 

  • Get us a Budget Flagship with at least Snapdragon 845 or higher with 6~8GB of RAM 
  • Opt for a 1080p OLED for display make it color calibrated (a good vendor Like Samsung) with better bezels I'd say instead for going for 2.5D fancy glass go flat or go 2.5 but with a subtle approach 
  • Don't go fancy on materials like those chamfered copper edges they sure look pretty but chamfered means (easier scratches for consumer) go for a much more simple design like Nokia N1 Tablet 
  • Add in a good Battery & IP Rating
  • Make it a budget flagship killer and with most brands going for big bucks consumer will go for your device ,When Many Chinese brands with new trademarks can do it Nokia can throw in N-Series Badge on this new series and then see the market role 
  • But Yes if I was going for N Series Badge I will not compromise on Camera because those phones had one of the best Camera's and if mediocre one dropped in these reviews will reign on the line up 

I know its asking to much Good Display,Better Battery ,Great Camera and Performance but its its not impossible, just go with a simpler design where consumer can't complain about little things like fingerprint position or camera position phones have been around so long that its not that hard to place most of components where they are supposed to me


  • Dear Nokia, the brand known for its durability and quality. I have known and used Nokia even when it was sold with Microsoft OS. Now this has been my 15th Nokia and unbelievably the best in design language that can be associated with the brand. However, just like how they had discussed in the Nokia Forum, the glass panels are so weak this time around. This might be because of the cost factor. Yes, Nokia needs to be in the market. However please please please do make sure you do not compromise on quality. My Nokia 6.1plus fell from from an height of 15cm or 5" height from a show rack and the edge cracked. This is totally unheard of. Also when I checked in the forum to replace the glass, people who had already suffered a broken glass mentioned an amount of ₹4500 for replacement. This is totally unheard of. The cost of the phone itself is ₹16000 and this glass is so expensive. Please Nokia, go back to what we all trust about you
  • that's right many budget brands with flagship killer title don't even compromise on quality,I think 500~550 or even 600 is ideal mark for a proper uncompromising flagship
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