How to transfer internal storage to SD card

Transfer probkem

How to transfer internal storage to SD card

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Transfer probkem


  • Hi! 

    If you would like to move apps to you SD card you can do so by going to Settings > Device > Apps. Choose the app you want to move to your SD card, tap Storage > Storage Used > Change. Then pick your SD card. 

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    @Anna Can't do that, after I tap Storage there's no Storage used to tap on... Help please...
  • I also didn't find change options
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    Jadikan SD card internal jangan eksternal nabati kalian bisa
  • Hi! If you like to move apps to your SD card then:
    >>Go to settings
    >>Click on SD cards button
    >>Click on 3-icon above
    >>Select sorage settings
    >>Then you have 2 options>>select "Format as internal"
    Note:Before doing this, take the backup of SD card in your internal storage or in other device.
    •Then you will have an option of moving apps in internal.
    Note: it's not an good idea to move Everything to SD card. Only use SD card to store images and videos. Otherwise this act will drop your device performance if you're using class 1 to 4 SD card. Use at least class 8-10 SD card
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