Cant Connect to PC properly

 I Am not able to connect my Nokia 5 phone with my PC properly.

Cant Connect to PC properly

ninjak ninjak
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 I Am not able to connect my Nokia 5 phone with my PC properly. When connecting to PC for 2 to 3 mins it shows my Internal and External storage after that I cant able to see or use it. Dont know whether the problem is with USB cable or Device.


  • Rayjacobs Rayjacobs
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    I've noticed the same issue
  • [Deleted User] [Deleted User]
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    Hi! Have you been in touch with customer support yet? They will be able to provide one-to-one troubleshooting help. 

    Have a great day!

  • nishanth nishanth
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    I had similar experience transferring large files, Mostly music. It would just freeze.

    I used Media Monkey software, It was trying to Sync the folders of the phone and the folders would stop responding. Check if u have similar software that is trying to sync the contents of the phone in background. It was manageable after disabling this auto sync.

  • user1508036776683 user1508036776683
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    Hey, read this
    1. When you connect usb for the first time
    2. PC detect the phone
    3. A USB dialogue appeared on the phone
    4. On the dialogue taps OK
    5. If nothing shows up disconnect the usb cable
    6.reconnect the cable
    7. Repeat step 2 to step 4
    8. On your PC open my computer
    9. You finally see Internal storage.
    Hope this help.
    Not sure if this fixed in Oreo Beta. sigh.
  • Snacko Snacko
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    I gave up connecting the device via USB to access storage. It just isn't working reliably. 

  • I am using nokia lumia 620 and its some apps and some option in settings is not opening I have to update its software but I am not able to connect the phone to my Windows 10 Help Pc suite so, what I have to do now.  

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