Bringing back the Xpress Music edition phones

I still remember the iconic Nokia 5200, 5300 phones with slider mechanism and dedicated play/pause next forward buttons on it. The beauty in compact body. I wish HMD could revive the xpress music tag on Nokia phones again. They could revive it android go edition phones and on mid rangers. With some new tech partnering it with some audio software tech to enhance the music experience on entry level and budget handsets. I haven't seen any such innovation particularly in entry level or mid range.That tier is lacking in such thing and HMD has great opportunity to fill that segment with such thing it's what personally I feel.
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What you feel about this guys ?
If you all liked the idea pleas help me tag members of Nokia family i know I have missed many...


  • Or even on KaiOs and yeah most importantly with aggressive pricing.
  • The new dedicated Google assistant button should have a option to be used as an extra button for music !
  • sergyu
    sergyu ✭✭✭
    The best music phone that they should revive is the legendary N 6233, it was better than any XM phone.
  • The new dedicated Google assistant button should have a option to be used as an extra button for music !
    Yeah they can even give the option to program it for other purpose as well like to use the button for camera action or for any other basic function which is frequently used by almost all users.
  • This is such a great idea from Khalid!
    He's right. There are so few music lover phones,
    but we want a dedicated "sound device" too that has some style!=)
    In my imagination that could be:

    1. A Nokia 7.1 body, because it's more compact,
    i guess music lovers would game less(i don't play anything, to be honest),
    so no need for a big screen.
    2. Maybe more color variations, but that's a minor detail (but i love the steel/gray look on the Nokia 8.1).
    3. Really good DAC with a (please-please-please!) headphone jack on the BOTTOM(please-please-please!), that would be WAY more convenient.
    4. Somehow implemented OZO audio technology with a separate app for just the sound recording.
    5. My thinking is that tech specs and camera could be just good. No need to reach for
    flagship performance, right?
    6. And huge built-in storage. Like 128 gigabytes for start. That would be magical!
    7. Dedicated buttons for rewind/forward/play/pause...Don't think it's necessary, but would be
    a really cute addition.

    Thank you!
  • I got my nokia X2-01 on my 11th birthday, and a decade after that same phone is still in my possession. sometimes I use it, and the speaker it got still louder than my Nokia 2. Please make it happen HMD, An Android phone made for Music.
  • RakeshM
    RakeshM ✭✭

    I love first model of xpress music in red colour. I am pretty sure there are so many people who still love it

  • I really wish nokia produced xpress music now too. I just want it to support 4G as I am in India, no other change is expected in the build quality or sound quality or camera quality. Xpress music is one of the best product of nokia ever made.😋

  • Fortunately they have launched nokia 5310 new edition but as backup phone I wish they could do it for smartphones