Battery issue

Nouman Khan
edited September 2017 in Nokia 3
I'm facing one problem when my mobile battery is reduced to 15% my Nokia 3 is shut down automatically can any body face the same issue if yes then please help me to fix this issue?


  • I would like to inform you that yesterday suddenly the device does not charge at all !
    Fortunately, the store where I bought it had given me a 2-month warranty, so today I received the new one.I bought it on 20/7/2017.
  •  Dear Argy,Nokia 3 have a totally NEW protection of the battery.How it works:

    IF you connect he phone to the charger and In the same time You Use the internet,the temperature of the battery is increasing,So It Is Trigged the Protection of the battery and the Charging Process Will Be Suspended Untill the TEMPERATURE  of the Battery Come to NORMAL.When you connect the phone to charger,DO NOT USE high power consume apps(internet,gps,etc)

     Do not forget :NOKIA 3 is a SMART one .:-)

  • Very important information I did not know. I want to assure you that when my mobile is in charge i do not use it at all because I'm not involved in social networking. Really suddenly it stopped charging, as confirmed by the big electronics market technician.
    Finally all good.
  • Let's not forget that some games are power consumer.All the best from Romania!
  • Nokia 3 battery sudden low after update with Android 7.1.1 of nagut please how to fix this problem.