How can i Unlock My Nokia 3 Bootloder?

Last week I update my phone to Android 8.1.0. then my phone OEM unlock switch is disabled now what I do.
I can't put the phone into recovery mode using Minimal ADB tool when I'm to adb reboot to recovery it only restart my phone. when I'm using power and volume button trick the phone go to recovery but there is no option only sow Android doodle cartoon after 5 or 10 min there showing an option but when I use a reboot to fastboot it's work but ADB can't accept my device.

Please help me as soon as possible.

Best Answer


  • There is no official way to unlock the bootloader of Nokia smartphones except the Nokia 8. There is an unofficial method which is paid and for that, you can contact @singhnsk :)

    Thanks for your information